The Newsroom Pilot (TV Series Review)

Aug 12, 2012
Ever since The Social Network came out in October 2010, I had been a follower of Aaron Sorkin. I love how he made dialogues and conversations in his works, he put a little amount of humor and political gestures in it, making The West Wing and his latest offer, The Newsroom effective.
The Newsroom offers a look on the news shows and behind the creative team who made it possible. The pilot (entitled We Just Decided To) opens with Will McAvoy participating in a debate and giving a controversial speech about 'What Made America The Greatest Country In The World'. McAvoy took a 2-week vacation not knowing most of the staffs are leaving. His boss also gives him a new executive producer, Mackenzie MacHale, his ex-girlfriend whom he had big issues with. When a news alerted the staffs about an explosion on the Gulf of Mexico, Will immediately takes up the case and broadcast it.

Sorkin did it again. I love the dialogues he used in that throwback in the hallway scene. The cast were memorable especially Jeff Daniels. Jeff Daniels' character as the hot-headed news anchor just works perfectly. But Dev Patel and Olivia Munn's characters didn't shown much in this episode but hopefully they will be featured in the upcoming episodes. 

I don't have quite some words to say about this episode. But i'll give it an 8.5/10.

I will not make a review of each episodes of the upcoming episodes for The Newsroom but I decided to review the whole first season in one post. 


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