Top 5: Films By Christopher Nolan

Aug 19, 2012
Christopher Nolan has been a respected name in the industry since Following. And became a well-known talented filmmaker for The Dark Knight and Inception. I had been a fan of Chris Nolan since The Prestige. Prior to the success of The Dark Knight Rises, here's my top 5 favorites of Christopher Nolan.
 5) Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a brilliant re-telling of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. And Nolan nailed to bring back such an forgettable superhero. 

4) The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises took the fourth spot in our list. TDKR is a good movie I must admit it, but no one can top it's predecessor The Dark Knight. The ending of the movie is so far the perfect ending to finish the best trilogy ever.

3) Memento

Chris Nolan's trademark is non-linear storytelling. Memento is Nolan's finest works, because of the way the film was shown. The ending being the first scene in the movie and the first scene being the ending of the movie. 

2) The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight no doubt is the best superhero movie of all time. With a stellar cast and an excellent acting by Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight is second favorite by Nolan.

1) Inception
Inception is my favorite Nolan movie of all time. And the most original and unique film of all his movies. Nolan focuses on a theme you would not expect, Dream. I had seen Inception for like 20-30 times already without being tired of watching it. 

And that wraps up our list. I will be back again next week for another set of list, my all-time favorite filmmakers. Stay safe. May the force be with you always!


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