Total Recall (Film Review)

Aug 23, 2012
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total recall remake review

Douglas Quaid's life has just got to be really better since he got a beatutiful wife and a decent job. For him, 'Rekall' looks to be getaway he probably needs. But things go pretty wrong since he was accused of being a super-spy known as Hauser. He also met Melina who appeared in her dreams and team up with her to escape the police controlled by Cohaagen and his wife Lori who is also in the hunt for her.
So I was a fan of the original film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I wasn't pretty much excited for this movie. But with that casting announcements that Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel was gonna be in the movie, it felt really weird since they were not that fit for their role. But based on the trailers released online, this remake looks to be really good. 

Colin Farrell is good in this movie. It's a good thing that the old Colin Farrell was back (he was terrible in Fright Night) and he was kick-ass in this movie. Kate Beckinsale looks hot as always in this movie. She didn't break any sweat in some of the chase scene like she was T-1000 in T2: Judgement Day. Jessica Biel was fine in this movie. Bryan Cranston, who is another movie this year, was also good. There were a couple of characters in the movie which was featured in the original movie. Just like the disappointing censored three-breasted woman who also fall in half a minute in the movie. 

The action scenes is really good in this movie. Especially the elevator chase scene, was mindblowing. The visuals were outstanding, but i'll still prefer if they use less VFX in the movie. The ending was not that great if you haven't seen the 1990 film and have no idea in the twists at the end. But there were a couple of remarks I had to say in this film: the script was terrible. 

The dialogues seemed flat and some scenes tried to be funny but it's not. The action scenes were impressive, but it kinda took away to the story since 30 minutes of the movie were dialogue based scenes, while the others was Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel hiding from Kate Beckinsale. There's one scene in the movie, where Colin Farrell plays this piano, and instantly that was the key that looks like a next clue for them, it kinda suck but it's good to hear a couple of Beethoven right there.

The action scenes was great. The visuals were impressive. The acting is good. But the script is terrible.  You know that when a film with great action and performances by the cast have a big affect on the whole film.

'Total Recall' is a great movie if you're not gonna take it seriously. The action scenes were well-made but the script made the film fall down. 

The geek rates it 6.8/10. I will be back for my reviews for 'The Campaign' and 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days'

For now, why not check the trailer for Total Recall:


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