21 Jump Street (Film Review)

Sep 1, 2012
I miss fat Jonah Hill.
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum plays Schmidt and Jenko. Schmidt, is a smart, insecure dork while Jenko was a popular jock in high school. Years passed by, the two different men joined the police force  but ended up as partners as rookie cops riding bikes at a park. After a screw-up arrest, they were both assigned in 21 Jump Street to become undercover high school students to follow a synthetic drug and its suppliers.
21 Jump Street is the funniest movie of the summer. I didn't get the chance to see it at this year's summer, so I bought a DVD copy of this movie, and I actually liked it. This movie mostly depends on the amount of profanity it used, without those f-bombs, this movie might probably gonna work for my insistence.

Moving on, Channing Tatum is likable in this movie, I didn't actually bought the fact that he was gonna be in the movie because he starred mostly in terrible movie, but this movie is his time to show his acting chops for a comedy movie. He was very funny mostly in the movie, but in my opinion, Jonah Hill stole the show. I wasn't surprised that he was gonna be good in this movie, he sings really good though.

If you were a fan of the original, you will be might disappointed that they lose the dramatic tone in the movie, but this movie has enough perks for a 21 Jump Street TV series fan, Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco's cameos in the film. It might be a spoiler but if you've seen this movie, you probably not gonna laugh your butts off in that scene.

The script is really good, for it's laughable purposes but the story itself is kinda cliched but it's still a fun, enjoyable movie for any moviegoers out there. The performances were great, a great start for Dave Franco in his career (who was funny also here).

PS: don't let your parents in when watching this movie. Some scenes were so funny, it gets awkward when your parents are right beside you watching this movie.

'21 Jump Street' is a recommendable movie for people you just wanna have a good time. It is a laugh-out-loud comedy for people who loves a Judd Apatow movie.

The geek rates it 7.7/10. I still have my 'The Campaign' and 'Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D' reviews on hold but expect it this week.

21 Jump Street is now available on VCD, DVD and Blu-Ray in your nearest video stores nationwide. 

For now, why not check a scene for 21 Jump Street:


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