A Christmas Story 2?

Sep 17, 2012
Another Christmas favorite completely ruined.
So, I heard this week that they are making 'A Christmas Story' sequel and its gonna be direct-to-DVD . F**k right? Anyways, here's my thoughts about the news.
Everyone loves the 1983 classic 'A Christmas Story'. It is a very unique, funny, and heartwarming tale about a boy who wishes to have a BB gun. Watching that movie every Christmas eve after Home Alone was a complete family bonding to us, and this film shows the significance of Christmas in our lives. But hey, there's a sequel coming. It is called 'A Christmas Story 2' and will be released by the end of October.

Based off what I have seen in the announcement trailer, here we get a 16-year old Ralphie who wants another gift this Christmas, this time a car. I really don't know if it's a race car or a car for mobs. And who the hell cares anyway. People will not pay to buy this movie, at all. Will they leave the classic film alone? Is Warner Bros. running out of their minds? Why did they even agreed to make a sequel for the 80s classic.

The reason why they're running out of money is because they never stop producing movies that they know would generally suck and people will not even gonna see. I'm sorry if this post might be offensive, but it's a big disappointment and a fall down to my childhood. A Christmas Story 2 will be on Blu-ray and DVD by the 30th of October.

A friendly reminder, if you're willing to see this movie, think twice. It might be a total loss of you for buying a $20+ Blu-ray copy of the movie. Why not buy the first one on Blu-ray for $15, it's a very nice movie and i'm glad that i'd see it.

So, are you buying this movie (no, please no!)?


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