Daniel Craig To Return For Two More Bond Films; Runtime Revealed Skyfall and More.

Sep 8, 2012
Daniel Craig to return as Bond for two more movies. The running time of Skyfall and the details for its opening sequence. It's a Bond update for you guys after the jump.

Confirmed that Daniel Craig will be starring in another round of Bond films after the release of Sam Mendes' Skyfall this November. Reports says that Bond 24 will be most likely be released sometime late 2014, while there were still no words about Bond 25. This news made Craig as the third longest-serving actor portraying the role of Bond.

Via Collider, the much anticipated Skyfall will have a lengthy 145 minutes running time. It will also be the longest Bond movie to date and is a few minutes longer than Casino Royale. We also got details about the opening scene of the movie which was set in Turkey, anyways it looks phenomenal.

So, are you guys can't wait to see Skyfall? Who do you think will helm the directing spot after Mendes? My bet is completely on Nolan.


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