Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D (Film Review)

Sep 22, 2012
So, what's next? One Direction: One Thing in f##king 4D?
Katy Perry: Part of Me focuses on the life of Katy Perry's inner life. Her earlier days as a gospel singer, and her chronicles on becoming a major pop singer sensation. The documentary also depicts her California Dreams Tour including her divorce with actor Russell Brand.
Don't take the blame on 3D gimmicks to James Cameron. 3D is everywhere, whether it's a comedy, drama, romance, action, horror, and even concert movies. But 3D has it's own limits and it's only purpose is not generally on making moneys and extra bucks but to take the movie experience to a whole another level.

Since Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers were the few ones to start this 3D stuffs on their concerts just to make more moneys and tempt their upcoming fans to buy their new released album. Just last year, Justin Bieber did it again with his Never Say Never movie. I heard that non-fans of Bieber who watched this movie became a fan instantly after watching it. That magic didn't work for me no matter how dramatic their lives were unlike The Beatles formation.

Is Katy Perry's early life was complicated and inspirational? Sure, but I didn't care because what matters is what she is today. But why did they even made it in 3D? Why did they just show it on a TV special instead? No wonder is that people tend to cry to Katy Perry's life, but what they didn't know is that Katy Perry is slowly sneaking those money in their pockets. Plus that limited edition glasses inclusive of those overpriced 3D showings.

The 3D wasn't necessary. To make it a 3D, Katy Perry just flashes his bra with the cream and party poppers splashing all over the screen so it will be considered.  By the way, I was lucky enough to catch that Grease clip in 3D, that was the only thing that I liked watching the presentation.

'Katy Perry: Part Of Me' was a treat only for the fans itself. But the problem is it was made as a gimmick and to make some extra money.

The geek rates it 5.6/10.


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