Resident Evil: Retribution (Film Review)

Sep 13, 2012
Another disappointing Resident Evil movie? I think so.
So, Resident Evil: Retribution starts off where RE: Afterlife ended, the deadly T-virus has been continued to spread all over the globe and Alice with his new found allies are the only way to stop this, hopefully. The franchise's past characters are coming back including Rain, Carlos and Rain for the fifth installment of the successful zombie/ thriller series.
I wasn't really a fan of the series, but I did liked the first one. But the rest is kinda a falldown, Afterlife was so terrible I must say, it tried to be creepy or gripping or cool but it isn't. It lost the formula Paul W.S. Anderson did for the first films, and turned it into a Matrix: Revolution rip-off with zombies. So, I  get to see the movie last night, and I guess it was arguably an enjoyable movie. 

Well not because that it's the best of the series, it was a great improvement from the last movie. Less Albert Wesker (that weird guy with the sunglasses) screentime, and more of that zombie slashing action. Actually, its more of an man-to-man action than a zombie movie. The script was terrible. It wasn't a surprise because this movie looks very gimmicky at all times. 

The performances was as usual also sucked. Milla Jovovich tries to be tough but she was overdoing it. That new Asian chick, also sucked (no offense China), she didn't really need to be in the movie, just like Michelle Rodriguez. By the way, if you are trying to watch this movie with a kid, don't even try because of the intense action (and a noticeable nip slip by Milla Jovovich). 

The action scenes was the thing you will gonna get here, and it sucked sometimes. The slo-mo shots wasn't really necessary but they do it for about 8-10 times, including that opening credits (which took for about 5 minutes estimated). But I tell, that ending, sort of a cliffhanger, was awesome, it looks like they were in for another sequel. 

'Resident Evil: Retribution' is a great time if you're watching it with your friends. It is a fun zombie movie, but the script and the story overall, sucked and very cliched.

The geek rates it 6.3/10. 


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