The Campaign (Film Review)

Sep 21, 2012
Zack Galifianakis plus Will Ferrell, really good combination eh?
The Campaign is set between the rivalry of two candidates running for congress during a campaign. The one, Cam Brady, is a long-term congressman and is debuting his 5th term in the upcoming election. However, a strong contender Marty Huggins, a family man, is set to destroy that record.

Politics might have been a great setting in making a comedy, but it have to be handled very carefully. It is hard to make a comedy out of politics because there's a 50-50 chance that it will actually be funny or not and completely incorrect (let's say The Dictator). Director Jay Roach's approach to the politic comedy genre, the question is 'is The Campaign is fun movie?'

The Campaign is a funny movie. The story sure might be flat, it still gets the humor it tries to give to the viewers. Those back-stabbing, throwback scenes between Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis is so, so hilarious to watch. Not to mention that scene where Ferrell accidentally punches the baby. Our cinema was laughing all the way round with that scene.

Will Ferrell is one of the most overrated actors in the industry. He is good in this movie. Too perfect with the chemistry between him and Galifianakis. I thought this was my favorite performances of him so far after The Other Guys. Zack Galifianakis, hmmm., if you are looking for that Hangover Allan performance in this movie, you will be disappointed. This has a complete different Galifianakis in this movie, he is sort of an awkward, shy, family man with a cowboy accent. Sometimes I get annoyed with his character (actually his voice, really). Dylan McDermott steals the show for this movie, he is literally funny. Jason Sudeikis is also good, but I guess his character is a little bit forced.

The script is fine. But the profanity used kinda become overused, noticeably with the movies coming this year. Performances were good. There's a couple of funny moments in this movie which you should see.

'The Campaign' is a fun homage to the upcoming election next year. Galifianakis and Ferrell's chemistry alone will satisfy you.

The geek rates it 6.8/10.


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