The Raid: Redemption (Film Review)

Sep 10, 2012
Can this movie can't get any better?
So The Raid: Redemption is about this swat team who is on the rise to hunt a crime lord named Tama in a 15 foot tall tenement. So what happens is that they're trapped in the building and had no choice but to fight every single gangster who Tama sent out to kill them.

If you have no idea what this film is, it's basically an Indonesian movie and has been garnering positive reviews and won the 'People Choice Award' for Best Midnight Madness film in the previous Toronto Film Festival 2011. It was originally entitled The Raid, but it was changed when it was released internationally to avoid confusion because there was also a film called The Raid.

It's a shame that we are the few ones who get to see this action film last. But hey, it is definitely worth the wait and buzz. I really, really enjoyed The Raid: Redemption pretty so, it was a very heart-pumping, good action movie especially for those who loved the movies of Bruce Lee (Way of The Dragon, Fists Of Fury) and other martial arts film. For the whole 1 and 40 minutes running time, there was nothing but just plain, ol' good action.

I don't have words enough to describe the performances of the actors, I don't speak the Indonesian dialect, so I don't have any way how did they deliver their dialogues. But the lead actor is really good, he kicked a lot of asses.

The plot is very basic, about a team who goes to a tenement to get a crime lord and gets trapped. It looks boring, like that movie Buried, where there's nothing to watch but see Ryan Reynolds getting lighter in his pocket and blah, blah, blah, the characters were well developed. Everyone not only the main role gets their fair share to get into the fight scenes and show their skills.

The choreography for the action sequences were really well-made. You get to feel the pain whenever one gets beaten, and made you blink because it was that brutal. The movie was shot beautifully, especially for an action movie, no shaky-cam and gimmicks, but there's a slo-mo (that kinda bothers me), the CG bloods and bullets needs to be done more realistic because it looks fake.

'The Raid: Redemption' is the best action movie I had seen so far this year. If you are stressed and just wanna have a good time in the movies, this is the movie for you.

The geek rates it 7.9/10. I will be back for my review of Resident Evil: Retribution.

*MTRCB has added a new rating in their classification board, namely R-16. This movie is rated R-16, so kids below the age of 16 will never get to watch this movie.


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