The Watch (Film Review)

Sep 22, 2012
Oh, another Ben Stiller movie, let me give it a try.
So, The Watch follows Evan Trautwig, a grocery manager and having a hard time with his wife. When a surprising murder occur with the night security guard, he recruits Bob, Franklin and Jamarcus and calls the group as Neighborhood Watch. The group is mainly an excuse for day-to-day party and drinking but they found themselves defending the Earth from alien invasion.
Originally entitled 'Neighborhood Watch', this new Ben Stiller movie has been getting on my nerves on how bad it is. The Watch is a big disappointment for anyone who are fans of the alien invasion/ comedy genre. It tries to be a good combination of Ghostbusters and Men In Black which don't really work and not as funny as you thought it would be.

Yes, as usual, there's gonna be a lot of vulgar/ profanity uses in this movie. So, what happens here is that they overuse that profanity which kinda blew up the script. The performances were great? No, but  the IT Crowd fame Richard Ayoede alone sums it up and the only one who's funny. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaugn was the most irritating comedians these days because they tried to be funny as how as they are funny in their early years. Jonah Hill is not funny, not at all.

There's a couple of jokes that might giggle you but the rest of the humor was cliched. The whole movie is predictable, if you're planning to see this movie, let me spoil it for you. Richard Ayoede's character was an alien infiltrators and knows where the brain of the alien was. It was on their dicks. And what they do this one alien is that they smash his dick off. Sounds smart ha? And it is only one of that scenes in this movie that you will regret because you see it.

The script was bad. Performances were terrible. The story was completely cliched. The Watch is a bad way to lose all your bucks in your pocket.

'The Watch' is one of those movies which brings 4 of the biggest comedians together and tried to be funny. It is a complete Men In Black and Ghostbusters rip-off that will completely disappoint you.

The geek rates it 4.9/10.


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