Top 5: Awesome Moments in Summer 2012

Sep 23, 2012
This year's summer is awesome no doubt. With all the movies coming out this year including TDKR, The Avengers, and Prometheus, what could be more cooler about that. At this week's episode of Top 5, I will be listing my 5 favorite awesome movie moments. Spoilers ahead below, be warned.
5) The Expendables 2 - All Chuck Norris scenes

Chuck Norris delivers the best one-liners in Expendables 2. For those who don't know, Norris is the oldest of the gang and now 72 years old. Please do watch the clip above and you will get what I mean. For short, he's badass.

4) Rock of Ages - Tom Cruise singing Dead Or Alive

I love Rock of Ages because of Tom Cruise. I even bought my copy of the soundtrack last month of how awesome the cover songs used in the movie. I'm a big 80s rock fan and Tom Cruise's revival of Dead or Alive just keeps you pressing the replay button all over again.

3) The Amazing Spider-Man - Lizard vs. Spidey's school fight

If someone mentions The Amazing Spider-man to me, this fight scene is the first one that comes in my mind. That scene where Spider-man just shoots the web in The Lizard throughout his body was just so good. Not to mention the best Stan Lee cameo ever.

2) The Avengers - the final 40 minutes

Seeing that moment when the whole Avengers recruit in a circle to fight the chitauris is a dream come true to nerds. When I hear Hulk roar, Captain America acting as a leader, Hawkeye and Black Widow just being awesome, Ironman shooting lasers and Thor swinging his hammer, I completely jizzed myself

1) The Dark Knight Rises - the final 10-5 minutes

The ending for TDKR is the best thing that happened to comic book movies. John Blake revealed as Robin and Bruce Wayne living peacefully, this is how you should end a franchise. Chris Nolan never failed to make every fan the best time of their lives with his films.


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