Alex Cross (Film Review)

Oct 13, 2012
Tyler Perry in a action movie. Let's see what they can do here.
Tyler Perry is Dr. Alex Cross, he's a smart detective and can figure out any case just by looking on an evidence. So what happens is that there's a serial killer just murdering random citizen. Cross and his team hunts this serial killer known as Picasso (played by Matthew Fox) and there's a whole lot of mess happened in this game of cat and mouse chases. But when it becomes really personal and Picasso kills Cross' family members, Alex was pushed in his edge of his conscientious and psychological limits.
So I got to see Alex Cross yesterday by being completely fresh and no knowledge on what it is about. I guess it's because of the marketing of the film that a lot of people don't really know that this was coming out. Anyways, this movie was based on a popular book made by James Patterson and based on what my friends thought of it, they said it was a really good book. That catches my attention and decided to see this movie.

Alex Cross was surprisingly decent detective movie for the fans of the action genre. It was intriguing and had a very intense action. Is it suspenseful? No, but it gets you right in the edge of your seat. It gets the idea of what I liked about detective movies. Just like what they did on Sherlock Holmes movies, it gets really clever and at the same time interesting.

Tyler Perry isn't fit for the role. Anybody would agree on me with this, but isn't bad at all in this. He wasn't really that good either, he falls somewhere in the middle. Matthew Fox carried this film and did a great job as Picasso. He was in complete different character that you didn't even notice that he is Matthew Fox. I didn't recognize him actually, I thought he kick some serious ass and has some great acting chops. There were a lot of surprising acts in this movie including the comebacks of Jean Reno and Ed Burns, it's nice to see them back.

The action scenes were good. They put you at the edge of you seats as I said earlier and was well- choreographed. But the climax of the film is something to argue about. It ruins everything they worked very hard because of that stupid shaky cam shots. It reminds me of Taken 2 and falls the movie into pieces. Also that supposedly mind-bending, shocking twist in the end felt very cliched and wasn't necessary to put in the movie. 

The script was bad written. It looks very generic and needs more improvement. Cinematography was fine (well except for the ending). The climax torns the film apart. Performances were good.

'Alex Cross' is a decent detective movie. It gets the right formula for an intriguing action movie and Matthew Fox delivers the movie very well. 

The geek rates it 7.1/10. I will be back for my reviews of Argo, Frankenweenie, and Looper.

Alex Cross will be hitting on theaters and SM Cinemas nationwide on October 17. For updates and schedules, visit

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