Casino Royale (Film Review)

Oct 10, 2012
Since Skyfall is coming in a few weeks. Why not review this movie.
Casino Royale is the movie that make Daniel Craig a star and it is the first film of him as James Bond. So James Bond is in his first ever mission. Le Chiffre is a banker to terrorist around the world and is participating on a poker game at Montenegro. With the help of M and the crew, Bond alongside Vesper must prevent Chiffre from winning the poker tournament. Will they succeed and defeat Chiffre?
Casino Royale is one of the best action movie ever made. And my favorite Bond movie still so far. I don't usually tend to call this one a Bond film because it is more than a Bond film. There's a lot of stuffs and actions going on in this two-and-a-half hour action movie. There's a twist towards the end of the film that will completely surprise everyone.

The first scene of the movie was a great opening for a Bond movie. I thought it was very artistic and I like how they use black-and-white and making it more grittier. But hey, that's only the first 5 minutes of the movie. There's a huge amount of well-choreographed action scenes which actually made sense (if you know what I mean).

Daniel Craig is just a fantastic Bond in this movie. He may not be my favorite Bond (Sean Connery will forever be), he still managed to keep the Bond character some depth and humanity. That's why this movie works because it is the first time you see something like this in a Bond movie. It creates depth and justice to the Bond franchise.

Honestly, this movie looks like Batman Begins. It both gives realism to the character and truly a great way to introduce the history of the character. No fancy special effects or CGI, both movies did it very realistic still as ever. Cinematography was shot nicely. And the soundtrack was just beautiful.

'Casino Royale' is a fast-paced action thriler that gives perfect depth on the Bond character. You'll never get tired of watching it due to the non-stop action this movie offers.

The geek rates it 9.5/10. I will be back for tons of reviews including Looper, Alex Cross, Frankenweenie, Argo, Skyfall, and much, much more.

Casino Royale is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VCD courtesy of Magnavision Home Video.

For now, why not check the trailer for Casino Royale:


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