Django Unchained (Trailer 2 Review)

Oct 14, 2012
The new trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained was one of the highlights this week and it featured a whole lot of revengeful violence and much more Leonardo DiCaprio. It spoiled the whole plot point of the movie which is about a boy saving his princess from a despicable monster.
But in the case of the film, Django (played by Jamie Foxx) was on a hunt to find the plantation owner by the name of Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who was got by the Brittle brothers and sold it to him. With the help of Dr. King Schultz, they went on a trek to kill the Brittle brothers and rescue his wife from Candie.

We also get the chance to see Samuel L. Jackson's character, who is the mastermind from all Calvin Candie's operations. He and DiCaprio pretty much looks like a great duo as villains, it looks stupid but who wants to see Foxx and Waltz fighting with DiCaprio and Jackson. Jonah Hill makes a surprising cameo and is the funniest thing on the trailer. Too bad Joseph Gordon-Levitt leave his role in this film and focused more on his directorial debut.

Each shot and frame of the film was beautiful. There's a scene towards the end of the trailer wherein a blood just splatter in the flower, was the best shot in this one. I don't know if there's a trunk shot in this trailer but comment below if you've seen any.

This trailer just keeps you reminding that Django Unchained is set to burn the cinema screens this Christmas and next April (for God's sake) here in Philippines. I can't wait to see this film and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

For the trailer, the geek rates it an 8.5/10. This movie will surely be awesome and I had so much commitment that Tarantino will do this film as what us fans are expecting.

Django Unchained is locally distributed by Columbia Pictures and is showing on April 10, 2013 on theaters and SM Cinemas nationwide. For schedules and updates, visit them on


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