Iron Man 3 (Trailer Review)

Oct 28, 2012
Oh well. The worst thing about this movie is that it's coming out by May 2013. Iron Man 3 is the first movie in the Second Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and might be the final Iron Man movie in the franchise (I hope not). After a couple of teasers for this trailer, we finally get the chance to see our brief look on Iron Man 3 and here's my review.

So, the trailer showed us that the events of The Avengers leaved a really big mark to Tony Stark's life. He can't sleep and was extremely troubled. And later, we see a whole lot of things just keep losing in Stark's life. I tell you, Tony Stark is barely losing everything he had. Including most of his armors, Pepper Potts, his mansion, about all of it. Hundred people are trying to kill him including Mandarin and I guess Guy Pearce's character. 

Mandarin is introduced on what I'm expecting. Really terrifying and will destroy everything on what he see. He actually reminds me of Loki plus Bane, because the voice was different. The final shot of this trailer shows Tony Stark walking on snow with his one armor. 

Iron Man 3 is much more of a "Dark Knight--y' than the previous Marvel movies. It doesn't show humorous Stark and I like the fact where they will go to. It's dark, and might be the better than The Avengers and what not the best superhero movie of all time. 

Set pieces and cinematography were well-made. The score just keeps you pumping at the edge of your seat. A great way of showing Iron Man. Really dark, serious and dramatic.

The very first Iron Man 3 trailer gives us the treat fans will enjoy. It made you even more excited for the movie that will come out by May 2013 and a great way to please everyone.

The geek rates the trailer a 9.5/10. I will be back for more reviews including Skyfall and Wreck-It Ralph.

Iron Man 3 opens on May 3, 2013 in 2D and 3D in select theaters.


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