Looper (Film Review)

Oct 21, 2012
Whew, now that's how sci-fi movies should be.
In the year 2074, time-travel is invented but was illegal to many. Only mobs and criminal organizations used it to kill people they want to kill in the past by what they call Loopers. Joe, a looper, founds himself being  in a very serious problem when he saw his future self being sent to the past to close the loop.

When you think of a sci-fi movies released these days, you could possibly think of a sh**ty movie like Battleship or John Carter. A lot of moviegoers diss it because they were childish or boring like Prometheus but they're never giving a chance to try other sci-fi movies this year. In the case of Rian Johnson's Looper, the plot is fresh and unique, but it doesn't live up to my expectations of a absurdly success at the box office. Now the question is, 'was Looper any good?'

Looper is definitely one of the most satisfying sci-fi movie i've actually seen this year. It was crafted beautifully and performed very well by its leads Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. It was awesome and had the most unexpected twist I had never seen in time travel movies, sci-fi to be in general. The movie was brilliant and had its touching moments in it. You heard me right, this movie had heart.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is expectantly as good as ever in this film. He was the best Bruce Willis impersinator I had seen and the make-up to his face actually gives you the resemblance of what Willis actually looked like. Bruce Willis, was bad-ass as hell in this one. There's a scene towards the hour in the movie were he shoots everyone in this club which instantly will remind you of the Taxi Driver ending. It was powerful and intriguing I swear, I was on the edge of my seat in that scene.

The trailer of the movie released months ago gives us the premise of this movie as 'a time-travel movie with mobsters and guns'. But don't rely on the trailer that much because there's tons of things going on with this movie you wouldn't expect. There's telekinesis and just a lot of cool setting to the storyline of Joe. A minor spoiler right here. The ending is very tragic. It made me love the character of Joe and the twist in that scene blew my mind.

Performances were great. Visual effects were good. Script was brilliant. Action scenes were cool. And the whole movie itself was cool (sorry for repeating the word cool because that's what the movie is. Emily Blunt was hot by the way here.

'Looper' successfully tried to be as this year's Inception and the decade's The Matrix. Besides the fresh and brilliant storyline it offers, the performances by both leads were topnotched.

The geek rates it 9.1/10. I will be back for my reviews of Frankenweenie and Skyfall.

Looper is R-16 and was currently screened in selected theaters and leading SM Cinemas nationwide. For schedules and updates, visit them on smcinema.com

For now, why not check this clip from Looper:


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