Taken 2 (Film Review)

Oct 8, 2012
Another Taken movie. Great. There's no chance it will suck. Or is it?
So Taken 2 brings back that kick-ass daddy Brian Mills for another round of non-stop action. This time, Mills and his ex-wife Lenore got kidnapped leaving his daughter Kim escape from the kidnappers. And who kidnapped them, it is the family who Mills killed in the first film. So Mills revert the old skills he had to rescue his wife and Kim.
I had really no word to say but this movie is a cashgrab. It doesn't make any sense and no exact reason making it but to make a few bucks. And honestly i'm really sad because they're ruining one of the best action movie and somewhat doing a silly spoof of the first film.

Taken 2 is horrible. I heard some great things about this movie, but looking at the synopsis and plot itself, it still sucks. This film is like this year's Hangover 2.  You copy the exact plot of the first film and doing a little twist in it that might be entertaining.

Liam Neeson is a great actor. He was great in Schindler's List and Taken. But why do Hollywood waste talents like these? Famke Janssen is fine also. But Maggie Grace irritates me the whole time. She was terrible in this one, and she serves to be a sub for Liam Neeson and do some of the actions. Well Kill Bill did it, but it doesn't work for this movie.

This film shows the worst action sequences I have seen in any movie. Sometimes, you didn't know what the hell is happening because of the several use of shaky-cams. What's the point of choreography if the viewers will not see the action it was meant to be. I had a real bad time with this movie.

I'm disappointed of the product this sequel so, so much. Performances were good except for Maggie Grace. Cinematography sucks. Action scenes was terrible. This sequel doesn't make any sense.

'Taken 2' is a bad follow-up to one of the best action movie ever made. It is the epitome of cashgrabbing in action movies.

The geek rates it 4/10. I will be back for my review of Argo this Thursday.

Taken 2 is PG-13 and is currently showing in theaters and SM Cinemas nationwide. For schedules and updates, visit them on smcinema.com

For now, why not check a clip from Taken 2:


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