Ted (Film Review)

Oct 5, 2012
Damn, that Thunder song is addicting.
So, Ted is about this boy John Bennett who got a Teddy bear as a present on Christmas. He then called the toy Ted, and wished that it would come to life, and that wish came true. Years past, John has been living with his girlfriend Lori and Ted.
Yeah, the story maybe too cliched and terrible. But I tell you, you will love how this movie turned to after watching it. It is indeed one of the best, funniest comedy movie released this year other than 21 Jump Street. There's a whole lot of f* bombs and pop-culture references used here, so every film fan would have fun with it, more of that later.

Mark Wahlberg is just as funny here, and I thought he should continue doing things like this, instead of those cheap action movies like Max Payne. I love how he act here, especially when he sings that Thunder song in the middle of the film, very funny as usual. Seth MacFarlane, who wouldn't love this guy. He's a really awesome comedian, and i'm really happy that he's in talks about hosting the next Oscars. Mila Kunis, who is a terrible actress (to be honest) did really well in this one, and she's hot.

There's a lot of scenes which 80s born kids will surely enjoy. They included a scene for real Flash Gordon fans, and they did it perfectly to satisfy it's viewers. But the whole film exactly sets to be like a fun episode of Family Guy. Not just because it was made by MacFarlane but it kinda give a sense of family mood and unique humor with it, just like he did with Family Guy.

The dialogues were funny. The acting was good. Soundtrack not to mention is fantastic. If you're looking for sex scenes in it, this film is not for you. 

'Ted' is a hilarioius movie to satisfy every single comedy movie fans. The story maybe too generic but I trust you, it's a whole lot of fun.

'Ted' is currently playing in select cinemas and is rated R-18 by the MTRCB and approved no cuts.


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