Top 5: Worst Hollywood Gimmicks

Oct 14, 2012
Oh Hollywood, why you keep making these stupid gimmicks that don't give any sense. Do you think us viewers gets happy to be fooled by those cashgrab and high ticket prices? So, I went home back from seeing a re-run of John Carter in IMAX and I must say, this is complete bullcrap. 3D wasn't even necessary and it made you much more comfortable seeing it without glasses. I don't know if this episode of Top 5 will be some sort of a rant, but i'm listing Hollywood's common gimmicks on movies. This was not in specific order, so let's get started.
1) Sequels, Sequels, and a whole lot of sequels.
Sequels works on so many ways. Like expanding the universe of the first film and introducing us to newer characters/ villains. Many people gets really excited for sequels, especially if they did liked the first one or they just wanna see it because it looks awesome. Sequels like T2: Judgement Day, Aliens, Empire Strikes Back, or The Dark Knight are good examples and a great follow-up to its predecessor. But in Michael Bay's cases, things go f**king bad. To be honest, I did liked the first Transformers movie because it is something I never seen before. It turned out to be unnecessary because it's ruining the humanity of the first film. And they continue doing things liked these until the audiences get tired of it. Oh wait, there's a new Transformers movie coming up, and Michael Bay said it will focus more on the robots. Well here's to you Mr. Bay, why quit directing and let amateur directors take your place.

2) 3D, IMAX and Simulator seats.
Since Avatar became a success, envious directors just have no choice but to convert it in 3D and in some, shoot it in 3D to make some more cash in the box office. 3D sometimes become a worthwhile experience just like in the case of Hugo and Prometheus, wherein it puts you right there in the movie and creates so much depth and emotion to it. But in the case of Star Wars, Titanic and Beauty and the Beast, it wasn't necessary but was a dumb strategy to re-release it on Blu-ray and DVD. I had no real problems in IMAX, but filmmakers keep showing their non-IMAX movies in IMAX screens. Cinemas with simulator seats was a complete crap. I went to see Wrath of the Titans with the simulator seats, and you know what happened, it just shaked just to let you know that it's a f**king simulator seat.

3) Blu-ray Re-releases and Huge Collectors' Sets.
 For a movie collector like me, huge box sets was something to buy to. You either get some exclusive items or 80 hours of bonus contents, it was surely a dream to own that set. But major home video offices just keeps making these box set and add stuffs like film frames, post cards and a 10-disc Blu-ray. And the prices for these costs about $50+. It might have been a great way to start off a collection if you don't even have the films included in the set and whatsoever, but for those who already own the movies in a specific box set of Blu-ray re-release (let's say that huge Harry Potter Collector's set), I wanna ask you if what's the exact point of releasing these stuffs.

4) Found Footage Craps ala Blair Witch Project
 Found footage films works for Blair Witch Project. I thought it made a real creep for me and made me not sleep for a day. It gives so much realism to the movie but what Hollywood did is they set up a creepy movie no matter what genre it is (horror mostly), and film it and made it looked like it was found footage even though the viewers know that the camera battery didn't run out. There's a movie called End of Watch came out this month, that actually gives so much depth and made you much idea of what a cop do. It was a fake found footage film and works greatly.

5) Odo-rama and Sniffing Cards on Movies.
This one has got to be the worst gimmick in my list. It is the most dumbest, stupidiest thing that filmmakers would ever possibly think of by showing a movie. If i'm not mistaken Spy Kids 4 was the last movie to use the treatment, and from what I heard it was a complete fail. It made you even looked like some retard while watching a movie by sniffing a movie card just to smell what they're smelling (smart right?!). Even 2 year-old kids might think this was the worst idea they would possibly pull out.

Well that's for this episode. There's a whole lot more list coming up. And I will be back for my review for Argo and Frankenweeenie.

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