Trouble With The Curve (Film Review)

Nov 23, 2012
This is the first non-directed Clint Eastwood movie for like 19 years since In the Line of Fire. Just saying.
Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) is one of Atlanta's leading baseball scouts and can tell a pitch just by a crack of the bat. He is now aging and have problems with his eyesight. His daughter Mickey (played by Amy Adams), who is a successful lawyer, was forced to recruit with him to go for one last trip to North Carolina to scout some baseball players.

Clint Eastwood is definitely one of my favorite actor/ filmmaker/ or whatever you call him. He has been doing films in his entire life, and still, he's fantastic in every role he has been. He's a living legend and an icon to many, so it's no surprise that he did very well in this movie.

Trouble With The Curve is a good movie but not a great one. Having been a fan of baseball movies like Moneyball and Field of Dreams, this movie's main point isn't on Baseball. It's the bond between a father and his daughter. The relationship and chemistry between Eastwood and Adams worked and you  might actually tend to believe that their actual father and daughter.

This movie has 3 main stories. First, the relationship between Eastwood and Amy Adams. Second, the growing romantic tension between Adams and Justin Timberlake. And lastly, Amy Adams and her work as a lawyer. That subplot was made to grow a little bit of tension to Adams while being on vacation of his father. And to be honest, in every scene where they show her doing her job as a lawyer was very boring. I was bored to hell, and it made you asking 'so where can we get to the baseball part?'.

Like I said earlier, Eastwood nails his role because he's really fit for this character as an aging man. Performances were great in this movie. Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake did both fine as their roles and adding wit and humor in the movie. Matthew Lillard was being snubbed all times. I thought he was an underrated actor and as usual, he did a great job with his role. John Goodman also did a great performance, but too bad, we get less screentime of him in this movie, same as Argo.

Here's another problem I had with this movie. Just a little one, the ending. The movie became very compelling until BAM! I guess they need to re-write the ending because it turned out to be very cheesy and predictable. It's one of those generic family-oriented movies where it turned to be very corny. It's an unsatisfying finish.

'Trouble With The Curve' is one of a compelling movie and brings homage to both Eastwood and baseball fans alike. It's a good sports movie but not a great one.

The geek rates it 7.3/10. I will be back for my reviews of Rise of the Guardians, and squeezing a little bit of LOTR somewhere next month.

Special thanks goes out to the guys of Warner Bros. Pictures for the screening!

Trouble With The Curve is PG-13 and is showing in Philippine cinemas November 28.


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