'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' - Movie Review

Aug 3, 2015
'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation', the fifth installment of the 'Mission: Impossible' series whose films are quipped with ridiculous and death-defying stunts, wasn't all just fists and kicks this time. The movie, though relies heavily on its action sequences has a real gripping plot to boot, as well as having its characters a full chance to show their potential.

Tom Cruise clearly has no time to retire from the action genre. The 53 year-old actor still rocks at doing his own stunts, and in an early part of the film literally hangs for his life at the door handle of a flying airplane. It's kind of freaky that he's still willing to do these kinds of stuff, very strong and fit at an older age, the actor mentioned in an interview if he's going to play the character of Ethan Hunt for a sixth time. 

The theme of this franchise, being that is the code of teamwork was well presented for the movie and doesn't lean on Cruise alone. Jeremy Renner has a lot to play more for this film, representing as the IMF leader in court meetings against the CIA. We didn't get to see another "floating Renner" moment from the last movie but I really don't mind in him in courtrooms. Ving Rhames returns here after a one movie absence (cameo doesn't count, right?) and stands sort of a father figure to Cruise's character. Simon Pegg showcases more of his acting chops with his character Benjie dealing with more dramatic tension in the story.
But the scene stealer, and perhaps the biggest surprise of all is Rebecca Ferguson. Having no action background and a relatively unknown actress in the business proves herself to everyone that she is the next big thing. Believe me, you're gonna hear her name in casting rumor news in the next couple of months. Even his shared scenes with Tom Cruise degrades her.

The heavily marketed plane scene from the previews isn't the only great action sequence in the movie, in fact there were tons of them here! A shootout behind the curtains of an ongoing opera play scene in particular, with the playing orchestra as the only music background has a very Hitchcock-ian feel to it, and the best part of the movie. There's also this impressively executed motor cycle chase sequences, and a long take of oxygen-less Cruise underwater that are really, really good.
It's not really a complaint but the action sequences got too many and sometimes dragging, but then again who's complaining right?

'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' was the best of the series, and this is coming from someone who love 'Ghost Protocol' (the 4th film in the franchise). It doesn't rely much on Cruise alone, giving time to focus on its theme that is the teamwork and the camaraderie of the characters. Rebecca Ferguson was a revelation, and Tom Cruise? Well, he's a bad-ass 53-year old.
The geek rates it 8.5/10!

'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' is now showing in cinemas and IMAX nationwide from United International Pictures!
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