World War Z (Trailer Review)

Nov 9, 2012
Here it is. Guys, here it is. The first official trailer for World War Z has hit the internet and it's freaking awesome. Start to finish, it's zombies spreading the world and it's on Brad Pitt and his team to fight and destroy the threat. In this trailer review, I will review the first trailer for World War Z. Enjoy!

So the trailer opens on the Lane family having fun in a car while being stuck on a traffic. But what they didn't know is that that there's an zombie outbreak and need to find a room to hide from right away. Brad Pitt is Gerry Lane, a U.N. employee who needs to help to stop the threat of an zombie apocalypse.
So, he travels around the world and leave his family behind to fight and destroy the zombie pandemic before time runs out.

I haven't read the book actually but after seeing the trailer, I can't wait to read it as possible. This movie looks like it was not your typical zombie movie. Sure, it should have emotions and heart in it. I have no words to describe to this trailer, but awesome. That zombie flood shot reminds me of the ending for Resident Evil 5 a bit. I hope they will release it in IMAX, and that said it will be a great experience for many.

I was a big fan of zombie fans (mostly the George Romero movies) and for sure, this movie will be remembered as 'one of the best zombie movie ever'. I can't wait for this film, I can't wait until June 2013 (wait a minute, so Man of Steel and this one to released in the same month? Awesome!).

The shots and the way this trailer looks is so good. BTW, Brad Pitt looks so awesome as always.

The geek rates this trailer an 9/10.

World War Z opens on June 21, 2013. Starring Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox and David Morse.


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