Star Trek Into Darkness (9-minute Prologue Review)

Dec 22, 2012
The first 9 minutes or "Prologue" of Star Trek Into Darkness was now being shown at IMAX screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I had seen it and as usual, JJ Abrams had done it again. I love every single bit of it, and he surely knows how to tease a film properly. To start of with this review, be aware that this is a spoiler-filled review of the prologue so you've been warned.

The prologue begins on Earth, specifically on London. And we're introduced to a couple (played by Noel Clarke and Nanzeen Contractor) in which we later learned that their daughter is on the hospital. Grieving the sickness of his daughter, the father steps back to get some fresh air. Until he heard a voice saying "I can save her". The father turns around and we see a slow zoom shot of Benedict Cumberbatch's character.

I don't know if he's a doctor or someone who knows about medicine but as I read from articles saying he played a guy named "John Harrison". He's a terrorist and I even heard he is one of Khan's allies .

We then jump to another planet Nibiru. A group of civilization is chasing two robed figures in the jungle. And it is revealed that these two figures are Kirk and Bones which apparently steals a scroll that is being worshipped by these civilization to prevent them from being in the "danger zone" of a looming volcano.
Spock, on the other hand, is inside the volcano with this super device that can stop the volcano from erupting and save the civilization. Back to Kirk and Bones, our favorite heroes jumps off a cliff and later revealed that the enterprise is underwater. You read that right, the enterprise is under water. So, Kirk and Bones goes into the enterprise and Kirk demanded to rise the enterprise.
Spock decided to stay on the volcano and says not to raise the enterprise. And among this conversation, we see Spock just standing still while the lava is boiling and boiling, and there ends the prologue of "Star Trek Into Darkness".
And just like the other prologues released, we are treated random clips from the movie. About most of it is from the trailer so don't expect much. As my final thoughts, the prologue looks enthralling and it definitely excites everyone to the movie.
Talk about the 3D and IMAX here.  Even though the film was partially shot in IMAX, JJ Abrams sure knows how to immerse its audiences. And it clearly looks like Abrams had 3D in mind while making this movie since it had a lot of "in-your-face" moments.
The geek rates the prologue 9/10. Maybe the prologue doesn't immerse me as "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises" did, still it excites the hell out of me.
Star Trek Into Darkness will be showing in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D May 17, 2013. 


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