Life of Pi (Film Review)

Jan 8, 2013
So wait a minute, the tiger from Life of Pi is the father of Peter Parker from Spider-man?
Life of Pi is based of acclaimed novel Yann Martel and being described as "unfilmable book", Award-winning director Ang Lee sheers light with today's technology and made it much more possible. It tells the story of Piscine Molitor (for short Pi), an innocent and religious immigrant, and son of zoo owner couple. At 16, while being on a sail to Canada, a storm strucked into the boat and leaving Pi and a tiger stranded in a lifeboat. And that tiger is revealed as Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger known for its clerical terror. Through the days, Pi and Richard Parker sets out on a journey of hope, survival and a friendship they would not expect.

After months of waiting, 'Life of Pi' is finally showing in the country. And Ang Lee being as one of my favorite filmmaker out there, no doubt I had high expectations for the movie. And I was right, 'Life of Pi' is a really great drama about survival and hope. It was motivating and there's a lot of morals to learn throughout the film.

To say it simple, it was a visual masterpiece. I even compare this to Terence Malick's Tree of Life with that Cast Away feel in it. I never get bored to this movie of how beautiful the visuals looked like. Ang Lee really shines with his incredible talent and for me, there's no other director can adapt the novel perfectly like Lee.

Besides the fact how to visuals really looked is 'the Bengal tiger' also known as Richard Parker in the movie. And believe it or not, it's all CGI. What exceeds in this aspect is that you felt like you're seeing a real tiger sitting aside with Suraj Sharma's character. Talk about 3D here. 3D is really fit for this movie and it really "immerse" audiences and brings life to Ang Lee's magic on-screen.

'Life of Pi' is a fantastic film worth remembering. With Ang Lee's dazzling visuals and use of 3D, nevertheless this movie really works perfectly.

The geek rates it 8.5/.10. I'll be back for my reviews of Jack Reacher, Les Miserables and Zero Dark Thirty.

Big thanks goes out to the guys of 20th Century Fox Philippines for inviting me to the Philippine Premiere! Oh and follow them on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

'Life of Pi' is rated G and is showing starting January 9.


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