Pre-Book Your Copy of 'Argo' Now!

Jan 19, 2013
Ben Affleck's Argo is my favorite movie last 2012 and as of now, it won tons of awards including Best Picture and Best Director from the recent Golden Globes. It is also nominated for 7 Academy Awards. It is no surprise that Magnavision Home Video will celebrate the home video release of the film with a bang.

You can now pre-book 'Argo' on VCD, Blu-ray and DVD starting today. But before getting you more further on the mechanics, let me give you glimpses on the DVD and Blu-ray artworks.

Released is a poster regarding details and mechanics regarding on the pre-booking promotion.

Argo VCD : P275.00
Argo DVD : P750.00
Argo Blu-ray: P1550.00


1. From January 19 to February 10, customers can pre-book a copy of Argo on VCD, DVD and Blu-ray

2. Customers who will pre-book the VCD will get a free Academy Award winning VCD of their choice  priced P100 and below.

Those who will pre-book the DVD or Blu-ray will get a free Academy Award winning DVD of their choice priced P299 and below.

3. To avail of the reservation, customer must pay a P300 reservation fee for DVD/Blu-ray units, and P100 reservation fee for VCDs which will be deducted from the SRP. The customer will automatically get the free item upon reservation.

4. To claim the reserved copy, customers must present their reservation slip/acknowledgement receipt and complete the payment for the reserved item.

Visit your favorite Odyssey branch this weekend and reserve your copy!

ARGO will be out on VCD, DVD and Blu-ray February 19, 2012.


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