The Impossible (Film Review)

Jan 26, 2013
A film even the toughest guy will never regret but to cry.
Now being nominated in various awards including Oscars and Golden Globes, "The Impossible" is an emotionally-captivating real-life based film about the most unforgettable, worst catastrophes of our time. The devastated tsunami in Thailand. Maria and Henry Bennett are living peacefully with their 3 kids. They decided to take a vacation going to Thailand to spend Christmas. A perfect trip becomes a nightmare them, including thousands of strangers when a unexpected tsunami hits along the coastline.

"The Impossible" is one heck of a film. I lose my manliness in this movie because of how emotionally powerful, especially the first half of the film. If you even watch this movie, there's no point where you either are crying or just wanna tear up. The 5-10 minute tsunami sequence in this film is just intense and the way it was shot is what made it more disturbing as hell.

Performances were great in this film. Naomi Watts is a knock-out in this movie. You get that sense of her character and charisma of being a mother. Same goes to Ewan McGregor, whom I still didn't understand doesn't give much more credit compared to Watts. There's one scene in this film not to spoil to you guys, it involves him taking a phone call. I thought that alone was so dramatic that you feel as a viewer only, can relate so much to him. For the 3 actors portraying the kids, I thought they were fine but still i'm impressed on how good they acted. 

Overall, this film is well-executed. Beautifully shot. Most tracking shots in this movie looks impressive and the way 'i-don't-know-who-he-is' shot it, it was remarkable. Especially when you're dealing in with a special film like this. Performances were equally great. It was a good film but not a great one.

'The Impossible' is a emotional roller coaster ride. It is one of the most well-crafted drama I had seen all year along with well-acted performances by Watts and McGregor. 

The geek rates it 8.3/10. It took me a while to make a review but I will be back to review classics including 'Die Hard' and 'Psycho'.

'The Impossible' is now showing with a R-13 rating and is being distributed by Pioneer Films.


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