The Man With The Iron Fists (Film Review)

Jan 31, 2013
Martial Arts. Swords. Jamie Chung. And Russell Crowe with a knife sword. I'm totally in.
'The Man With The Iron Fists' is the directorial debut of RZA. Who you might not know is a popular musician and a Grammy winner. It stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, David Bautista and Jamie Chung, oh and of course RZA (as the nigga with the metal hands). The movie is set in 19th century China, at a town named 'Jungle Village' to be specific. Zen-Yi, a son of the murdered Lion Clan leader, avenges the death of his father by killing Silver Lion and the whole Lion Clan. With the help of 2 lonesome warriors, the Blacksmith and Jack Knife, they set out to defeat a common foe and at the same time, save their home, Jungle Village.

If you've read my Kill Bill review, I'm a fan of the martial arts genre. I grew up with those films and I thought it was the most awesome genre. Tarantino's KB films are a nice way to approach and give tribute to the 80s martial arts movies and with this RZA flick coming into theaters, do you think it will stays in the level Kill Bill get. Was it good anyways? I have to say it's in the middle of the line.

Man with the Iron Fists is a fun, entertaining film but there were a lot of negative. I never hated it either. I thought there were a lot of lacking elements. I never quite enjoyed the gore and some of the over-the-top, stylized action sequences. And that is coming from a martial arts fan. It was disappointing. Before getting you more with this movie, i'll talk about the some flaws.

Yes, it was a so-so movie. But what made this film is Russell Crowe as Jack Knife. I love him in this movie. There was a scene in this movie where he just stabs this fat guy. It was the only funny nor the entertaining scene in the movie. That is all. The plotline between RZA and Jamie Chung's characters are not working. RZA is a terrible actor, and qualifies in my list as a worst director. I even heard there's a 'Genghis Khan' movie in the works to be directed by him. What the f'**k?!?

'The Man With The Iron Fists' is an atrocity. One of the worst films released this month of January and it's a shame because they even put the name of Tarantino on their marketing placements. It's a fun movie though to look at.

The geek rates it 5.2./10. I will be back for my review of Gangster Squad.

The Man With The Iron Fists is R-18 and will be showing January 30.

Special thanks goes out to my friends from Solar UI-P for inviting me to the press screening last Monday at Robinsons Magnolia!!


  1. "The Man With the Iron Fists" is the type of movie that feels like you are always coming in half-way through, even if you watch it from the beginning. As an exercise in genre, this is the highest compliment.

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