Mama (Film Review)

Feb 5, 2013
My word Jessica Chastain looks hot in this movie.
Mama is the latest offering by Guillermo Del Toro. Whom you might not know directed somewhat entertaining movies like Pan's Labyrinth and the so-so Hellboy movies. Horror movies in general is my most hated genre because I don't usually want to be freaked out. Sounds suck to say that but I found the genre very uninteresting. The film i'm about to review is Universal Pictures' first feature horror film for the year 2013 and based of what I saw on the trailer, i'm betting it's gonna be a creepy ass one. 

Childless couple Annabel and Lucas are on a track to find their abandoned nieces for about 5 years until they were found alive at a distorted cabin in the forest. They were challenged on raising these 2 siblings, namely Lily and Victoria, because of the psychological disorder they had and an unwelcome guest they had. A mysterious, strange creature they called "Mama".

The movie has been raved by few critics and calling it a "well done horror film". It is rare for a horror film nowadays to have good reception from critics and viewers. And yes, Mama is somewhat an surprising horror film. It starts very creepy, to really scary and concludes with satisfactory finale. I enjoyed this film a lot and it lose my inner manliness inside (no joke here). 

Performances wise, I thought the 2 girls in this movie was the main highlight. From the beginning of the movie, you'll eventually refer them to Andy Serkis' Gollum of the way they move, which makes kinda sense to the story of the movie. Jessica Chastain, now an Oscar-nominee, plays this hot, emo rock chick/ mother figure to the children. I thought she was okay but there's nothing special about her performance. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau or Jaime from Game of Thrones, plays Lucas the uncle is also here. He was also fine but what lacking in him is a lot of character development. That is all.

Just like what I said earlier, the ending of the film was acceptable. But the way I see it, 'twas sort of disappointing. They were doing something no one haven't seen before, it was turning scarier when it grew nearer to its climax. And until the writers just put random shits on the script, and it tuned very cliched and predictable. Its sad to say but i'm going kinda low with this movie.

'Mama' is a good throwback at old school scares while Andres Muschietti adds something new to the horror genre. The first half of it was impressive until it washed out with the climax.

The geek rates it 6.5/10.

Mama is PG-13 and will start showing February 6 in cinemas nationwide.


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