My All-time Favorite Movies (#20-11)

Mar 29, 2013
This list was a tad late because our internet connection is killing me and gotta do my review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Anyways, this is the fourth part of the list of my all-time favorite movies. For the first set of the list, click here. For the second one, click here, and lastly the previous list right about here. Got a lot of great movies around here so, without further ado let's begin.

20) Django Unchained
Being a fan of both Tarantino and the Western genre. It's a real treat for a moviegoer like me to watch Django Unchained. It got everything you've expect to Tarantino, an excellent screenplay, stunning soundtrack and great performances by all cast. One of the greatest Western movie ever made for the last 10 years. 

19) Inception
This is Nolan at his best. Inception is one of the most immersive, excellent and intense movie you would have seen in a very long time. With memorable score by Zimmer and its memorable ending, this movie is a no-miss (I mean seriously, watch this movie right away).

18) Rocky
Rocky is the breakout movie of Sylvester Stallone and my favorite film of him. This film had a feel-good vibe to it that keeps making it better and better everytime you watch it. It is motivational and inspiring, and the theme of this movie was priceless.

17) American Beauty
I just watched this movie about a month ago and it was amazing. Surprsingly funny at times, the film portrays the importance of life and family you'll never witness better in any other movie. Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning were both amazing in this, so you better look closer.. this film will hit you in right notes.

16) Shaun of the Dead
There's two types of comedy. One, the generic comedy you normally see in the movies or TV. And the other one, the British comedy. There's a huge difference between those two because simply of the humor it approaches, and Shaun of the Dead being the best example of it. It's simply a zombie film like you've never seen before. Trust me, you'll laugh a lot with this movie.

15) Psycho
A timeless classic. The jump scare and creepiness of this movie never goes old. This is the first Hitchcock film I have seen and Norman Bates, man he was the greatest villain ever put on film before Ledger's Joker came out. This film will never fail me to scare the wits out of me ever again.

14) Inglourious Basterds
Another Tarantino classic. Inglourious Basterds is the first film that established my admiration with this director. The script of this film and Christoph Waltz's Oscar-winning performance, I think that's enough for you to go and watch this movie.

13) Full Metal Jacket
The greatest War movie ever. Full Metal Jacket was never missed in every Best 80s movies list. It had great action, terrific performances and a humor that keeps you smiling for 2 hours. Better watch out for Pyle towards the beginning of the film, he was going apesh*t in that bathroom scene (that scene still gives me the creeps).

12) Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2
If there's a martial arts marathon that I will have, Kill Bill (both volumes) will be the first movie that I will first pop in the player. Not only does it is directed by the ever so awesome Tarantino, it had Uma Thurman beating the hell out of Lucy Liu, Julie Dreyfus, David Carradine, Vivica Fox, Michael Madsen and a lot, lot more. This is the best thing a martial arts fan would never miss.

11) Singin' in the Rain
The greatest musical ever made. Gene Kelly and Donald O' Connor is tremendous in this classic movie. Even though some songs weren't that original, the "Make 'em Laugh" performance in this film was a delightful experience from my childhood up to now.

Ok, let's stop right here. In the next couple of days, I will be posting my Top 10 all-time favorite movies and if you want a little tease on what films are included here it is: Box of chocolates, drugs and soap. Hope that's enough so see you guys next time. And don't remember to take care and may the force be with you always!!

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