My All-time Favorite Movies (#30-21)

Mar 25, 2013
Alright, so here's the third part of the list. It consists my Top 30-21 all-time favorite movies. If you haven't followed my earlier posts, click here for the first set of films and here for the second part. Ok, so without further ado, let's continue..

30) Argo
The best film of 2012. Argo made drama and action to a whole new level, resulting a nail-biting and the most intense movie you'll ever see. It truly deserved every award it won.

29) Se7en
Classic Fincher movie. Se7en is a great thriller as it is my favorite Brad Pitt performance in a film. Not to mention, the ending of the film is so suspenseful.

28) Alien
Probably the only sci-fi movie that scared the wits out of me. The Alien films reinvigorates the sci-fi genre to a whole new level. Sigourney Weaver half naked while fighting aliens was pretty badass.

27) The Dark Knight 
The best Superhero/ comic book movie ever made. Heath Ledger's Joker, that's enough reason to love this film.

26) Toy Story
Being a kid born in the '90s is impossible to not love the Toy Story movies. Toy Story is one of the greatest animated movie of all time. From the adventures of Woody, Buzz and other gang to its very emotional finale
in Toy Story 3, rest assured it's worth the awards it get.

25) A Tie between Bourne Identity and Bourne Ultimatum
A powerhouse of action scenes and explosive interrogation sequences, the first and third Bourne films proved again that Matt Damon is one of the best action heroes of all time. The films itself is surprisingly dramatic at times, but the political tone and message it approaches is what made me love these movies.

24) Back to the Future
Another childhood favorite of mine. You will never be a film nerd/ movie buff if you haven't seen a piece of Robert Zemeckis' greatest achievement, Back to the Future. A great popcorn flick you can watch repeatedly and never getting tired in it.

23) Terminator 2: Judgement Day
I never love any of the James Cameron directed films (I quite liked Titanic just a bit). But T2: Judgement Day is one of the pioneer films that made him famous and a respectable filmmaker. The action scenes was jampacked, and T-1000 definitely is the most badass villains you'll love to hate.

22) Amadeus
Amadeus features the most delightful scores ever put on film. It had music from Mozart and Salieri, I mean it had the whole package every music lover will never let go of. The best part in the movie, the opera scenes. I never expected to love opera music like this my whole life.

21) Ocean's Eleven
Soderbergh is hitting his retirement very soon. And his greatest heist hit Ocean's Eleven is so far the best film of him. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, and Bernie Mac stealing a casino in Las Vegas. Hope that's enough to interest you.

That wraps up the third part of the list. Be back for my review of G.I. Joe 2 and the fourth and fifth part of the list. See you soon!! And may the force be with you as always!!

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