My All-time Favorite Movies (#50-41)

Mar 19, 2013
Today is a Sunday, I'm completely bored and I got nothing to think of doing, so I decided to do something I've normally been requested to do, my all time favorite movies.
It starts beginning from my Top 50 all the way 41. Every consecutive day, I release another list until we reached the 10th to the number 1 spot. You know the drill so, here goes! Oh and also, this is my own favorites. Not yours. I haven't seen a lot of fan favorites and classics like Citizen Kane and The Godfather (yes, I haven't seen it.). Okay, so without further ado, here is my top 50 All time favorite movies list.

50) Across the Universe

One of the greatest musical ever. Not only does it only feature music and songs from The Beatles, it gives enough beautiful cinematography and choreography to satisfy your eyes.

49) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Powerful storytelling from the master himself, David Fincher. It features one of the most memorable performances I have seen from Brad Pitt. What made this film a memorable one is the story that still lives up every time I watched it.

48) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Yes, I know. I know it should have been placed in a higher position but I can't take it since it wasn't as good as the other films in the list. A great and epic conclusion for a once in a generation franchise I must say, everyone on the cast bring their game to their highest level.

47) Slumdog Millionaire
One of the best Danny Boyle movie so far. It surprisingly won Best Picture notably because of his artistic take on a very complicated story you might think. The soundtrack and Dev Patel's performance was very amusing.

46) The Truman Show
A classic yet very delightful Jim Carrey movie. The Truman Show definitely levels up my admiration to Carrey as an actor. His best performance in all of his movies they say, I thought he never been better in this movie. It never goes old.

45) Punch-Drunk Love
Probably the best Paul Thomas Anderson and Adam Sandler movie in my opinion. It is well-crafted, poignant and humorous. Anderson manages to balance thrills, romance, drama and comedy in this masterpiece that I find a very hard time to watch. 

44) Taxi Driver
I never failed to like Robert De Niro as an actor. He's well-respected, very professional and stays true in his films. Taxi Driver is one of those movies that made me recognized him of how great of an actor he is. It supposedly needed to be quite higher in this list but there's some other good De Niro films in my opinion better than this. We'll get to that later on in the later parts of this list. Anyways, this film was well-directed and one of the rarest film ever made.

43) Hugo
Another Martin Scorsese picture at its best. The film preservation aspect of this film kept me wondering, will even kids try to enjoy this film. Practically yes, not only it does feature outstanding use of 3D, it has a really great story in background along with memorable performances by Kingsley and Butterfield. This film is a memorable one and actually might be my number one movie of 2011 if I have not seen Drive.

42) The Artist
Who would've thought I would still love silent movies. The Artist (also Hugo) is a film for cinema lovers. This film answers my question: Why I love classic movies? Jean Dujardin's performance in this film is very clever and occasionally funny as well. 

41) Superbad
Three words. Best Comedy Ever. Superbad is one of the most funniest thing that ever happened to movies. It's surprisingly relatable, have a well-written script, great performances by Plasse, Hill and Cera. Move over American Pie or Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Superbad is the best teen comedy ever made. 

So, that wraps up my Top 50-41 list. Next Thursday, my Top #40-31 list will be posted here. See you soon and take care! May the force be with you as always!!!

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