Oz The Great and Powerful - Movie Review

Mar 17, 2013
James Franco reunites with Sam Raimi for the fourth time. I hope it's not bad than the last one.
There's a lot of 3D movies being released this year, most of them failed to impress the audience with the format but some, succeeded. Not only does it gratifies and immerses the viewing experience, it is a tool to transport the audiences to another world they've never been before. I have seen a lot of 3D films, and honestly getting tired of it. Only a few of them wows me, that includes Hugo, Avatar and Life of Pi. In this newest offering by Walt Disney Pictures and Sam Raimi, we are treated to go back in the land of Oz, and obviously being made in magical 3D. Does it lived up to its hype and excitement we expected. Is the 3D even good in this film? How's James Franco being as Oz? Read more along in this review of Oz The Great and Powerful.

In this prequel of the beloved 1930s classic, we go back decades after the events of 'Wizard of Oz' and focuses more on the titular role of Oscar Diggs, mostly known to as "OZ". Oz is a small-time magician who had some problems of his own. When an unexpected hurricane occur, he then go to his hot air balloon and surprisingly transport to the vibrant land of Oz (Yep, he had the same name of the land he transport to.).  Being referred to as the lost king by its townspeople, at first he thought he was a jackpot and had a big fortune. Having met the three witches (Theodora, Evanora and Glinda), he was told to become a king, it must defeat the ruthless dark evil witch and to save the world he's been now. 

Alright, so Oz the Great and Powerful. I kinda liked it but wasn't that great than it used to be. It had its own pros and downwards but I tell you, it's good to see Raimi making entertaining movies again. 3D is mesmerizing (which i'm going in depth later on), and so far the best one i've seen this year. There were a lot of unexpected reference and throwbacks from the original movie, but about half of them were even unnecessary to be put. Insert classic Raimi trademarks in this film, wherein there were a lot, a lot of in your face moments which is a plus in my viewing enjoyment. 

Performances were a bit good. James Franco, from the start wasn't even fit being as Oz. Oh well, he was a little good though, I still enjoyed him looking stoned or being high for the nth time in a movie. Mila Kunis was so terrible in this film, very horrible to be honest. [SPOILERS] And seriously, her character being the Wicked Witch of the West? They should have picked Evanora transforming as that green wicked witch. Just saying. But from the rest, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams did a tremendous job portraying their roles respectively. Oh and wait, it's good to see Zack Braff coming back to the screen. He provides great wits and humor to the movie.

Anyways, let's wrap these things up by talking about the visuals and the 3D which I enjoyed so much. I really love the style they did on the first 10 minutes of the film. Redoing the infamous black and white sequence from the classic is a must for this prequel. The final act was also surprisingly funny since I was expecting an action-heavy climax throughout the movie. Instead I got a very entertaining and clever move that brings my inner kid inside me. The 3D also in that scene was superbly exciting and dazzling. Accompanied with fair use of CGI and VFX, they managed to pull those in your face moments with an unforgettable "roller coaster effect" scene towards the film. There were too much and effective use of depth and layers in the 3D that transports the audiences during the adventure of Oz .

"Oz The Great and Powerful" does provide quality entertainment expectantly since its Sam Raimi taking the helm. The 3D works perfectly great but the casting choices were needed to be fixed and rearranged. Enjoyed the humor used in this film from Zack Braff's crazy antics to a pleasing cameo from Bruce Campbell.

The geek rates it 7.8/10. I will be back for my review of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

'Oz The Great and Powerful' is rated G and now showing nationwide in 2D, 3D and IMAX.

Special thanks to my friends from Walt Disney Pictures for inviting me to a blocked screening of the film!
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