Final Trailer For 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and New Character Posters Released Online

Apr 17, 2013
Well, it's been a while since I last post an update video involving 'Star Trek'. I missed to blog about random news about the film Star Trek Into Darkness and posters of it surfacing the net. But anyways, the final trailer for that film is now online along with new character posters involving Kirk, Spock, Uhura and John Harrisson are also being released so let's squeeze those two news into one, shall we.

First of all, the character posters: These beautiful posters are released earlier of the week with one poster hitting the net each day. I waited to see these awesome posters and there's got to be a lacking issue about it. Why not also release posters for other Enterprise crew members like Sulu or Scotty or Bones. I mean, it's unfair if those characters is not getting treated well for the marketing. Here it is after all:

Not the least, the final theatrical trailer for the movie. I'll leave you with that and another sweet-looking poster so you know what to do. Enjoy:

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