Iron Man 3 (Film Review)

Apr 28, 2013
You'll neeeverrrr seeee meee comming..
I'm officially calling it the start of 'Summer Movie Season' since this highly anticipated movie called Iron Man 3 hits theaters locally and selected countries before going internationally in its May 4th U.S. release. The threequel is being directed by 'Lethal Weapon' writer Shane Black since Jon Favreau steps back after directing the frustrating Iron Man 2 and boy does he deliver. Yes, he delivered well, in fact he did real good. This is the first film for the Phase 2 of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and things shooked up to our favorite avenger 'Iron Man' because he is experiencing anxiety and nightmares after the catastrophy and alien attacks occurred in 'The Avengers'.

He is waking up on a cold sweat since of what's happened in the alien wormhole. But that doesn't stop there since a scary guy known to be as 'The Mandarin' that will test him inside and out. The movie returns Robert Downey, Jr. as he reprises his role as the invincible Tony Stark/ Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes/ Iron Patriot and Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan. Adding to the all-star cast are Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian, Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen and Sir Ben Kingsley as Mandarin (which i'm about to talk briefly later on)

Well, there's a lot of good things to talk to about Iron Man 3. One of which whom is Robert Downey, Jr., this man is born to play the role of Tony Stark/ Iron Man and there's no other people I can possibly think of that will pull off the character instead of RDJ. Yet in the first two films (including Avengers), we mostly get to see a witty and whimsical Stark but in this one, we get to know his side emotionally and you know that this guy is facing real problems in his life. 

Next is the action scenes, well i'm not of an action guy (you know that) but when the Malibu house gets blown up and Tony suits up with his armor, you'll be seeing some awesome sh#t. The climax also is a real treat for mega-fans because all of the suits/ armor will assemble to defeat 'the villain' (trust me, i'm not spoiling everything). Most of the action sequences in the movie are visually stunning and very intense (which, technically was better when seen on IMAX)

The dialogue also is something to like up to this movie. There's a lot of scenes in the movie which are dialogue-driven and a lot of exchanges of words back-and-forth compared to the previous films. Pretty memorable one-liners and it's surprisingly awesome and funny at the same time. Oh and speaking of funny, this movie wasn't dark at all. If you're watching the trailers and expecting something dark like Dark Knight well, you're just wrong since this movie is mostly had a whole lot of humor. But to be honest, it is too easy to differentiate with the Favreau movies because this one had a different tone into it. It's like comparing Tim Burton's Batman to Nolan's Batman. 

Let's talk about one big twist in the middle of the movie. Yes, the first half of the movie is going really great so far until BAM! the twist happened and it kinda lost to the story. If you have seen it, you know what i'm telling. Yes, it's a bit funny and goofy but why did they decided to play that. It lost the humanity and credibility of that character when that big twist happened. When it happens, you will be either get aboard and love with it or just leave the cinema very disappointed. It was shocking and surprising, but to be honest i'm not contended in it and left a small spot of my inner fanboy. 

3D! Yes, most of you will see it in IMAX 3D or in any cinema playing the 3D format. Well, i'm suggesting you to don't. Yes, IMAX is awesome but the experience kinda lost a bit since they didn't convert the 3D that well, but thankfully IMAX delivers the experience with its video and sound quality. See it in 2D if you can, that's my tip.

'Iron Man 3' is the best 'Iron Man' movie and it's got everything you'd want for an Iron Man movie experience. Great action, clever dialogue and tremendous performances. A lot of fans will love it but others might leave unsatisfied.

The geek rates it 8.4/10. I will be back for my review of Evil Dead and more.

'Iron Man 3' is rated G and now showing to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Special thanks goes out to Walt Disney Pictures for the special screening!

In the meantime, why not watch this featurette from 'Iron Man 3':

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