Epic (Film Review)

May 22, 2013
I always thought Steven Tyler is too annoying on and off-stage. But when I learned him voicing a caterpillar in this movie, I don't know what to say.
Epic is the latest film from Chris Wedge, to which you all know is the director of the 'Ice Age' movies and 'Robots'. It's an interesting take for a animated movie since it dealt with a theme that is quite interesting: "nature". I have seen a lot of nature-themed movies but neither I saw a animated film that fits well to that subject. Seeing the trailer, the film made it looked cheesy and unfunny, but after seeing the whole product last Saturday in 3D, all I can say is that it's definitely a fun film for the kids. But for the adults, I'll just recommend you to see Fast and Furious 6 instead.

The movie follows M.K., a teenager who visited her father considering of her mother's last request. Her father, a  professor and naturist, was clearly obsessed on tiny leafmen which she thought was falsity. Until she got transported and shrunked to the forest with the leafmen. Together, she found herself joining a rag-tag group in order to stop the forces of evil and protect their world - and ours.

Ok, so the film doesn't live up to its title. Epic wasn't that 'epic' at all, in fact, it was a great film for the kids to enjoy. Like I said earlier, adults might not appreciate the overall film and the humor, which I thought didn't worked that well. This film, to be honest is one of the year's worst film. I enjoyed the visuals and aerial shots, but it payed off with its annoying characters and flat storyline.

Performance-wise, despite its amazing voice cast, didn't do well because of their lack of commitment to the film. I thought Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Steven Tyler, Jason Sudeikis, Christoph Waltz and Beyonce did fine voicing their roles respectively. But Aziz Ansari and Steven Tyler's characters were too annoying and over-the-top so that kinda lost my attention half-way through my viewing.

Despite its disappointing storyline and cheesy humor, the film itself looked amazing visually. There's actually nothing to enjoy that much to the movie except for its visuals. I thought that it looked breathtaking seeing the nature and landscapes of the aerial shots and more. The 3D also looked amazing. It works well, and it gives so much depth in its action scenes and sweeping shots. 

'Epic' overall is a disappointment. Younger audience members are likely to enjoy it, but there is little for Mum and Dad in this feral, family frolic. 

The geek rates it 6.4/10. I will be back this Monday for my review of 'The Hangover Part III'.

'Epic' is rated G and showing nationwide starting May 24.

Special thanks to the awesome folks of 20th Century Fox for inviting me to the press screening at Glorietta 4 last Saturday!

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