Evil Dead (Film Review)

May 6, 2013
When you ask me what cult classics are needed to get the 'hollywood remake' treatment, my first choice is The Evil Dead. Because the 1981 horror favorite has been considered as a goofy, corny comedy-ish movie by a lot of modern audiences these days. The Evil Dead is one of the biggest influence of  most horror movies and proved that you don't need a big budget to make and even scare the wits out of many. With this rehashed remake directed by Fede Alvarez, the only question is this: Will it continue to scare the sh*t out of the fans or will it be the biggest scum to come out this year?

Evil Dead is basically a reimagining of the 1981 cult classic directed by Sam Raimi so you get a new and fresh characters, the same twists all over again, and a much more gruesome and bloodier take off the story. 5 friends goes to a cabin in of the woods to have a sort-of "getaway" from Mia's drug addiction. They found this 'Book of the Dead' in the attic, but what they didn't know is that a curse is turning against every single one of them once it reads it aloud. 

For me who only watched Dramas or comedies, and only watched a few horror films, Evil Dead is possibly the most gory movie I have ever seen in a very long time. Going in to the theater expecting a B-horror movie, this movie failed to reach my expectations. Instead, I got a very bloody, uncomfortable, disturbing experience. I have to admit, it wasn't that much scary but it will freak you out miserably. Definitely not for the faint-hearted and kids (i mean, don't even try to watch this movie to children).

Performance-wise it wasn't all great. It is actually expected for a horror film these days to have really terrible performance by the cast. But seeing this movie, the acting by a few actors, notably Jane Levy is surprisingly good. (Spoiler Alert) She was possessed by a spirit in the mid of the movie, and that alone is a complete nightmare to me. But from Shiloh Fernandez to other actors, looked too much generic and fake. As if they're shooting a TV commercial and what not.

One main thing which I just researched a while ago is that this movie had no CG, no special effects just plain old practical effects. That's right, another thing this movie succeeds is its sort of realism and quite believable. So, that's a huge plus for me right there. Visually, it is okay. It manages to get the shot it really needed to be and the landscape/ scope of the whole forest thing, were done impressively!

Let me wrap up this review so, the film is a bit late to be released here in PH but if you're seeing it this Wednesday, May 8 onwards, be sure to hold your pee until the end credits scene because that short scene after the credits is an absolute genius and probably the best part of the whole movie. Okay, I don't want to go too further and a big spoiler so...

'Evil Dead' is gory, brutal, bloody, disturbing (whatever you would describe on a horror movie) and too entertaining for a horror remake. The film might fail to give you the scares but with it will freak you out miserably.

The geek rates it 6.9/10. I'll be back to review more movies including Star Trek and more!

'Evil Dead' is R-18 and will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas starting May 8.

Special thanks goes out to Ayala Malls, Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures for the special screening!

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