Fast & Furious 6 (Film Review)

May 16, 2013
 My God, this film is gotta be the manliest pure testosterone awesomeness movie I have seen all year.
Can you believe it? There has been almost 6 movies in the Fast and Furious franchise. And rumors have been spreading that there's gonna be 7,8, and 9 on works. Well, I can only tell you is this: the first film of this franchise is a big success and no one knows that the success will be stretched in 6 more films. I grew up on 'The Fast and the Furious', I love that film. It's like Point Break with sports cars (if you know what I mean). The second, third and the fourth one was kinda of over-the-top and a bit cheesy. Fast Five, man that reawakens the franchise in a whole new level. Suprisingly changes the genre of the franchise. It keeps getting better and better, and with Fast & Furious 6 arriving in cinemas next week and I got the chance to see it early, i'm giving my review and thoughts on Fast & Furious 6.

The film started after the events of Fast Five. The team are scattered across the globe and enjoying their most time with $100-M from their previous heist mission in Rio. They thought it would be their last job but their wrong. Luke Hobbs is tracking a troupe of lethal, high precision drivers who are responsible for the accidents in Europe led by mercenary Owen Shaw. In order to stop him, Hobbs contacted Dom Toretto because of an unusual sighting of what is part of these mercenaries, his ex-girlfriend Letty who appears being back from the dead, and reassembles his team for one final job as a way to freedom.

My word this is the best Fast and Furious film to date. Mindblowing action, great plot, visually outstanding and surprisingly well-acted by the cast. I never thought they the franchise is going better with this film. Fast Five is that close of being the best FF film but I had no choice but to place this film because of how awesome it is. Whether if you're into cars or not (which i'm honestly not into), you'll still appreciate the beast out of this. The cars are breathing in the film i'm telling you, it played a huge role to help emerge the story in a whole new level. This is definitely a loud, bombastic, frenetic and thoroughly amazing.

Let's talk about the performances in a bit. Performance-wise, it was okay. Guaranteed Sung Kang definitely had more character development compared to Fast Five. Tyrese Gibson, as always provide the wit and humor in the movie was okay. Michelle Rodriguez, is back in the role of Letty, was even more better than her previous performance in the last films. Paul Walker also did a great job, getting to more emotional scenes which I was surprised. Gina Carano was stiff in some non-action scenes but sure she was pretty bad-ass in action-heavy scenes (and that catfight between her and Rodriguez made me smile!). Dwayne Johnson, he is truly the next action hero I could possibly think keeps getting better the more he star in his films. And lastly, Vin Diesel, he definitely is the perfect guy to play Dominic Toretto. He was amazing and everyone in the theater was cheering on him in the action scenes because of how bad-ass he is in the film.

Like what I said earlier, the movie is visually outstanding. I was right because director Justin Lin shot this movie beautifully (look at the mug I used above to see). No close-ups, no shaky cams, this film manages to capture everything that makes it more thrilling and immersive. Also, quoting what I said, everyone in the theater (including me) was cheering and applauding in all action scenes because you can't help but to say how awesome it is. I hope the next film, which sadly Justin Lin will not direct (worry no more, Insidious director James Wan is helming it), will still get that beauty this film and fast five looks. 

Stopping right here. Please do stay until the credits for there will be a scene that will make fans go bananas.

'Fast & Furious 6' is frenetic, loud, bombastic and impeccably made. It's remarkable action scenes and well-acted, but in the end this film is gotta be the best of all the series.

The geek rates it 8.4/10. I will be back for my reviews of Epic and The Great Gatsby.

'Fast & Furious 6' is rated PG-13 and will be shown worldwide starting May 24.

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