Star Trek Into Darkness (Spoiler-Filled Review)

May 21, 2013
You know that my next review is a spoiler-filled review of the just released Star Trek Into Darkness. I can't help myself since this movie needed to be reviewed with spoilers to be informative and more enjoyable to read. And also, it's a hard movie to review (if you're reviewing it without spoilers) since there's a lot of background and scenes that needed to be discussed briefly. I'm putting a link right about here if you don't wanna be spoiled for the rest of the movie since a lot of Trekkers might go bananas if they read spoilery-stuffs in this review.

Ok, still here? So we're talking spoilery stuffs about the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness and basing my previous non-spoiler review of the film, I rate it 9.8/10. I know it was too high for a Trek movie since this is the Star Trek movie I have waited for a long time, 'twas both entertaining and emotional at the same time and the thing about what made this movie too close to perfection is its balance of drama, humor, thrill and action. Like what I said earlier, the're a lot of things to talk about this film that's why it's too hard to make a non-spoiler review to enjoy it. I'm giving my spoiler-y thoughts about the film scene-by-scene  so hope you like it.
The film opens with a chase sequence between two robed civilians and a group of natives/ tribes on a Class M Planet known as Nibiru. What appears that those figures are actually our favorite crew members Leonard 'Bones' McCoy and Captain James T. Kirk and the reason why are they being followed is that they took a scroll (which I believed were being worshiped by these natives) and the first time I saw that chase, I thought: really, are they just making this chase for the sake of making a chase sequence for this film. But the actual reason is that there's foreshadowing going on. Spock is on the volcano with his super ice machine to prevent the eruption and the death of these natives. The point of Kirk and Bones making them follow the natives is to not let them get near the volcano. It's actually smart if you think of it, so they succeeded on this mission and that doesn't stop there.
Going back to Spock on the volcano, where a lot of Trekkers will be nerding out (lot of Wrath of Khan references in this scene) accepting his faith. The enterprise goes out of the sea (yes, it is underwater) and the natives started to worship the enterprise, which cracks me a bit for no reason. And Scotty beamed Spock on the volcano, they, again, succeeded and thus we have our opening. What I liked about this opening is the humor and thrill going on simultaneously. It is a lot of fun, but it's not as impressive as 'The Dark Knight' prologue, still had a great time with it.
Moving on, there's a couple in London. Their daughter is sick and possibly dying, father goes out to the terrace to get some air. And then he hears this voice saying 'I can save her'. Yes, yes, yes, that's Cumberbatch ladies and gentleman. It was revealed again Benedict Cumberbatch playing this villain having a cool close-up on his face. It's actually the original opening for the movie if you've seen the 9-minute IMAX preview before 'The Hobbit' or 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters'. The rearrangement doesn't bother me, I thought it was a great move but nothing really changed as long as they're trying to save the 'meat' that is our introduction to Cumberbatch playing Kha..uhmm John  Harrison.
Now let's talk about Cumberbatch for a second. He was obviously amazing and steals in every scene that he's done in this. From the Federation attack, to fighting Klingons with his big gun until smashing Captain Marcus' skull. He was definitely the best thing that happened to this movie. He got a cold-blooded, deep voice that never failed to give enough chills in the movie. And he is indeed a great actor to portray the iconic role of Khan. And the funny thing about the big reveal of his character is that everyone knew he is indeed Khan. JJ Abrams is always defending: 'He is not Khan, but someone in the name of John Harrison'. It's not quite a big surprise to me, since after seeing the first trailer last December. You know what he was wearing in the first shot of him in that trailer: the layout of that collar was identical to what Khan is wearing. At one point, I thought he was playing Gary Mitchell (from the TOS) but anyways, Cumberbatch was again bad-ass and more terrific than ever. He pulled off a great Khan and hopefully we can see him in more feature films soon.
Besides the opening scene, one of the reasons why I made this spoiler-filled review is the Klingon raid scene and the much talk about throwback scene to Wrath of Khan's ending. Let's talk about that Klingon raid scene first. The Klingons are a no doubt bad-ass and Harrison (oh, I mean Khan) was just shooting around them with a gun and I liked how they made that scene. It is beautifully shot and not only that, the whole sequence was shot in IMAX which is an absolute plus for everyone seeing it in the format. It looked great, Khan was bad-ass and if they're making a third movie, Klingons most likely become the central villain in it. That will be amazing, you know the Federation and the Klingon fighting around will squeel Trekkers. Or I guess Khan will be alive again since he is revealed he was only frozen in the ending.
Secondly, the most shocking throwback to Wrath Of Khan, the death of Kirk. At first, seeing that Japanese trailer last December I thought Spock will die. Just like the WOK ending. I said: "No, they're doing it again? Seriously?". But everyone of us are absolutely wrong because it is Kirk to die and Spock was like "Khaaaaaaaaaaaan". I don't know why some didn't like it, yes it's a bit cheesy, but you get more of the human side of Spock right there. It gets you know more of the friendship/ the bond between them and I loved that scene. It was very heartfelt and to be honest I almost cried hearing Kirk saying some emotional words to Spock. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are terrific as Kirk and Spock.

Leaving you right here. I need to wrap this spoiler review now since i'm working on my Great Gatsby and Epic reviews. Hope you enjoyed it and i'll be back for another spoiler-filled review: Man of Steel. Live Long and Prosper!
'Star Trek Into Darkness' is Summer's best offering so far. With performances and script well-executed, this sequel alone makes another landmark to the hearts of every Trekkers out there. It is inspired, perfectly directed and beautifully shot.

The geek rates it 9.8/10. A lot better than the first one (well, that's me.) and I guess better than all Trek movies released.

In the meantime, why not check a trailer of 'Star Trek Into Darkness':
'Star Trek Into Darkness' is now showing in 3D, IMAX 3D and convential theaters.

Special thanks again to Solar UIP for the IMAX screening!
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