After Earth (Film Review)

Jun 16, 2013
After Earth

A Review By: Philip Matthew Simbayan

After Earth well i don't find anything wrong in this film and i don't consider it best nor worse the story is about Kitai Raige a ranger who was rejected to join the corps and after a brief mission a crash lands him and his legendary father General Cypher Raige in earth and now father and son must work together to survive and return home.
It's been 6 years since i watched The Pursuit of Happyness that introduced us to his cute son Jayden Smith then 6 yrs later they teamed up again in this M Night Shyamallan flick well for me i liked the film but let me talk about the lapses first. The action in this film really lacked but Jayden Smith is also a bad ass in this film and he is really following his father's footsteps and Will Smith also did a great job on this film as his General and Father simultaneously. 
With the special effects i'll have to say that it's good but not that good they could've added some more creatures in this film. With regards to acting i liked Jayden's acting than his father but both characters gave justice to their roles although not similar to Top Gun there is one scene here that reminds me of the 1986 blockbuster film and with regards to the title i can't understand why this film was given that title but for me it's still good and will still definitely get this on dvd since im a fan of Will Smith. Before i end the review Columbia Pictures should've shown this on July instead of June whether it will have conflict.

Looks like M. Night Shyamalan made another please-worthy film that might enjoyed by a few people.  As seen in the film, fans of Will Smith will be disappointed since he doesn't share too much screentime since his son Jaden Smith is the real hero in this movie.

Now showing on its second week, 'After Earth' is distributed internationally by Columbia Pictures.

Special thanks goes out to the good folks of Columbia Pictures for the screening.

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