Man Of Steel (Film Review)

Jul 7, 2013
Is it just me or I-Hop gets more screen time than Lawrence Fishburne in this movie.

It's not a bird. It's not a plane. Neither Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh. It is the world's first British Superman, Henry Cavill donning the cape of hope in the latest Zack Snyder-Christopher Nolan-David S. Goyer-Hans Zimmer joint reboot of our favorite superhero, 'Man of Steel'. One of the most anticipated movie of the year has finally fleed in our cinemas worldwide, earning box-office records globally and mixed reviews from critics. Having been a huge fan of the older Superman movies (specifically, the Donner one), there's a huge aspect in me that this reboot should match the previous films. 'Superman Returns' was okay but it was lifeless and too lengthy, about Superman's III and IV, too atrocious. This Superman movie might be the Superman movie we're waiting for, plus the fact that 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy's Christopher Nolan is part of the production. Which make a lot of sense because the whole film almost felt like 'Batman Begins' with its non-linear narrative.

The movie opens on the destruction of Krypton, Jor-El and Lara are sending a naturally-birthed child secretly at Earth with a stolen Codex with him along the journey. As a young man, the child Kal-El now Clark Kent is on a search to what his reasons are being sent to another planet and why he is considered a 'Hope' to his dead planet and ours. But when a ruthless Kryptonian survivor General Zod has fled to Earth to look for him, Kal-El must save the residents on the world he grew upon from annihilation.

Like what I said earlier, this movie had received mixed reviews from the press/ critics. The reason might be of its overused action from time to time or the lack of character development, because 'Man of Steel' is definitely straight-out Summer fun movie but slightly disappointing. Another thing is that the movie is joyless. I mean it tried to be funny for a second, but it didn't actually makes sense and no one in the audience even responded to the jokes thrown on the screen. It will not surely reach the success of the old Superman movies because it lacks on the aspect of Superman being Superman.

I understand the film being an origin story with Clark Kent trying his way to become the best hero he could be. In short words, this is not a Superman movie, in fact this is a Clark Kent movie. Even with Kal-El donning that cape of steel, it doesn't have the feel or joy of him being Superman. It's such a waste of character. I was expecting a 'Batman Begins' type of movie in the first act of the movie due to its non-linear approach of storytelling but despite the Nolan-y feel on the film itself, I was a bit worried of how Warner and DC are going further with the sequel because this is already a big, big movie.

Metropolis on complete ashes. Thousands of innocent lives dead. The whole face of the Earth on danger. And Superman snapping the neck of Zod. I wish at least they could've saved for the next installment of this franchise, but they were too excited to make this film too epic and destructive (well, I guess that's just me). Let me talk about that moment when Superman twist the heck out of General Zod. At first viewing of the film, I was completely shocked of how the way they presented it. Of course Superman wouldn't kill someone but he does it with a real purpose: to protect not just the family being lasered, but the fate of the Earth itself. And 'cmon, this scene was a lot better than Superman kicking Zod's butt on the cliff at the Fortress of Soltitude.

The performances on the movie is not a big deal because about all of the cast did an amazing job portraying their characters respectively. Henry Cavill is the perfect Clark Kent in my opinion. But it was the emotion and humanity he is approaching to this character that made me liked him as an actor. Amy Adams did a unique and feisty take on the character of Lois Lane. Forget that 'Damsel in Distress' Lois Lane from the old Margo Kidder Superman films because to be honest, Adams is close to being the best actress to portray Lois Lane. Russell Crowe also did an amazing job as Jor-El. Same goes to Kevin Costner, whom I thought is the best thing in the movie, as Pa Kent did an extraordinary job. Michael Shannon, simply ruthless and vengeful but don't expect as big as Heath Ledger/Joker performance by him, but still great.

'Man of Steel' is my favorite film of the Summer but again it had some big problems. Performances were terrific, visuals are spectacular, and the anticipation was almost worth it, but in the end, it was the man donning the cape that made the whole film more of Clark Kent and less Superman.

The geek rates it 7/10. I will be back for my review of Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim!

'Man Of Steel' is PG-13 and still showing in cinemas worldwide.

Special thanks goes out to our friends on Warner Bros., namely Jay Gonzales for the screening.

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