The Hangover Part III (Film Review)

Jul 7, 2013
So Long, Bitches!!

It all ends. 'The Hangover' franchise had finally close the curtains with their last installment, 'The Hangover Part III'. And unlike the first 2 movies, this time there's no wedding, no bachelor parties and no repetitive plot points, because 'Part III' is more of a dark thriller than 'your-usual-Hangover-movie'. The whole gang are back: Phil, Stu, Allan and Doug all coming into one final adventure that they can't regret.

Set 2 years after Stu's second marriage, Allan is driven by the Wolfpack for an intervention for his ADHD medication. But upon the way to Arizona, they are rammed off the road by a truck and kidnapped. They later knew that the man behind it is mob leader Marshall. He told them that Mr. Chow hijacked $42-M from him, deducing the Wolfpack will be the best chance to find Leslie Chow in return of Doug as collateral. Thus, another misadventure awaits them that will led them to where it all began, Las Vegas.

'The Hangover Part III' had some few flaws at side but it was too choppy and messy for a comedy. It is more of of a dark, angry thriller than the usual mystery/ caper comedy that made the first 2 a success. I was a little bit impressed of how they changed the tone of this movie, to fit for its tagline 'The End'. It is not as epic like the normal 'final installment of a big franchise' movie but like what I said earlier, this film was very messy and weird. 'Part III' is a good movie but not that great. Coming from a Hangover fan like me, you'll be slightly disappointed at the change of settings because what we see here is done a lot of times in movies.

Another thing I kinda liked about this movie is the extension of character development on Leslie Chow. Most people thought that Ken Jeong's portrayal is too annoying but I thought he was always my favorite of this trilogy. He's quirky and delivered pretty hilarious one-liners. But Mr. Chow is misdirected in the movie, turning him into a douchebag. And that leds us to one of my main issue of the film. There's no good or bad character to root for in the movie. Allan had turned into an asshole. In some point, Marshall isn't even the main villain. There's too many twists and and turns in this pic that don't immediately fit. 

Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms sometimes are less committed with their roles (which is a bad thing for this movie being the final installment for this saga). Very predictable movie. Too much non-sense action sequences. Bland humor. Dull and lazy storyline. And very disappointing all the way.

'The Hangover Part III' has the structure of a potential great ending for a beloved trilogy. It's more of an action thriller than being the mystery movie that made the first two movies a big success. But in the end, it was lazy, dull and very disappointing.

The geek rates it a 5/10 

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