The Conjuring (Film Review)

Aug 19, 2013
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'The Exorcist', 'Poltergeist', 'The Shining', 'The Amytiville Horror', 'The Omen', 'The Blair Witch Project'. These are the horror movies that stayed with us, up to now, remarkably nailed the theme of 'demonic entities'. But unfortunately, most of the recent horror movies failed to scare its audiences and felt some sort of and often used the tagline "Based on a True Story" as some sort of cash grab. With James Wan's newest offering, The Conjuring, he is embarking not just on some silly horror stories. But on a rather serious and controversial subject matter: The Perron Family and the Haunted Annabelle Doll cases.

It starts off, well you know the drill. The Perron Family moves on a new home in Harrisville. Strong malevolent presence lurked on their family. And then they get to paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. And they boarded on this quite sinister story, that is so scary, it was known to be one of the most contentious horror stories.

I'm guilty enough to say that I screamed a few times in this movie. It is rare for me to be scared, or in this case, screamed, to a horror movie. The Conjuring easily knows how to scare its audiences, and I tell you this is one of those movies that will stay with you. The first time I saw the teaser trailer for this movie, the hype just grabbed me, becoming this as my only anticipated horror movie of 2013. Months of waiting, and The Conjuring just did every horror buff would love.

One of the several good things I can praise for this movie was the performance from its actors. Let's start from the Warren couple, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Wilson's acting in this movie succeeded to make you the picture of a real-life Paranormal researchers. And the final half just showed you that he's too passionate on this role and he knows what he's offering to his audience. Vera Farmiga, besides being the eye candy of the movie, provides some of the intense performances in this movie. Say Anything...'s Lili Taylor was the best part of the movie, in my humble opinion. And boy does she knows how to scream. The Perron kids did an equal share of screen time, provides great acting as well, notably Joey King.
The unique thing about The Conjuring is that it didn't use sound effects in its thrilling sequences. In fact, the way it was shot from the panning shot of the Perron home to the tracking shot of selected sequences was enough for this to be called the Best Horror movie of 2013. I mean, I was scared to death that I haven't slept until 1:30 in the morning the moment I watched the film. But what I can suggest to anyone is that this is not for the heart fainted. I often heard rumors that they sent priests in theaters in case something'll happen to audiences after the screenings.

'The Conjuring' easily nailed everything modern horror movies trying to construct - great performances, amazing cinematography and effective thrills. It is the best horror movie of the year, and Director James Wan, just made a good name out of him.

The geek rates it an 8.3/10.

'The Conjuring' is R-13 and will be shown on cinemas everywhere August 21.

Photo credits and special thanks goes out to Warner Bros. for inviting me for the press screening of the movie.

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