The Place Beyond The Pines (Film Review)

Nov 2, 2013
Like many people might think, the subject of redemption and fatherhood is somewhat over illustrated and pretentious when it is used on film. But in Derek Cianfrance's film after Blue Valentine, he is turning things upside down, making it an emotional and very sincere take on the subject, that he decided to splice it in three separate stories. 'The Place Beyond The Pines' is being deceived as a  Drive-ish movie but it is completely different. Compared to Nicholas Winding Refn's "Drive", this one had more emotion and heart into it.

The movie follows our anti-hero Luke Glanton, a motorcycle stunt driver who got into a surprise when he found out about his son with his former lover Romina, who is living with his husband. Worrying about his son's future knowing only his step father Kofi and not of his existence, Luke was inspired into stealing local banks across the town to sustain his son's needs and to be the father figure he wanted to become. But all break loose when a city police officer Avery shot him accidentally after an successful heist, causing him to die.

The movie's real surprise are of the 3 leads of the corresponding stories Ryan Gosling, Dane DeHaan and especially Bradley Cooper. In the film's climax (which i'm talking about later on) showed a merciful Cooper on his knees getting very emotional over DeHaan's character. It was one of the many unpredictable moments in the film, because it doesn't end on giving a few surprises. Beautifully shot, the lighting and landscapes of the film helped shaping in the tone and core of the story.

The second and third part has the same formula of having its characters on a guilty situation, and was the weakest elements of the film. Part two had Avery facing the reality of being reigned the title of a local hero after shooting criminal Luke Glanton. Part three moves forward in over a few years, with Luke and Avery's sons becoming friends not knowing about the case of their fathers. But when Luke's son, a grown teenager Jason found out that his friend AJ is a son of Avery, anger and a plan of vengeance lurked into him. Jason sends Avery off somewhere in a place beyond the pines and this might be the best scene of all the movie. Avery apologizes directly over Jason and ran away.

It ended pretty fair I guess, especially for Avery's side because he got the credit of being a hero and won as New York Attorney General at the end of the film. But it's a great portrayal of the importance of family and it payed off amazingly. 'The Place Beyond the Pines' is still my favorite film of the year.

The geek rates the film an 9.5/10.

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