X-Men: Days of Future Past (Teaser Trailer Review)

Nov 2, 2013
In case you don't know, the first trailer for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is officially out and it's unsurprisingly amazing. Unsurprising to the fact that it's mainly the Comic-Con trailer that leaked months ago (minus the Han Zimmer - Time music on the background). But let's not argue about that, because i'm here to review the trailer for your enjoyment. I haven't review trailers in a very long time nor read the original 'Days of Future Past' comic, so comment down below if there's some clarifications needed on this post because to be honest, i'm not the biggest 'X-Men' fan.
I mean, I really liked First Class, the first two X-Men films and the recent 'Wolverine' (quite a bit), but this is a film that is poised to be the best of the franchise. And knowing this is gonna be the biggest of all films, with the characters of different timelines (the original trilogy and the First Class bit) coming together, and the much-awaited return of Bryan Singer in helm is something to excite to.
So, the trailer showed the tone what the film is trying to imply, that the mutants are obviously in danger. But in order to prevent that from happening, present day Professor X and Magneto calls in Wolverine to send his mind back to the 70s (?) and convince young Charles and Erik to stop the ongoing threat to their kind.

There is no glimpse of the sentinels, which might piss some fans, but it payed off with the trailer's final moment, with young and old Charles Xavier face-to-face, which got me having goosebumps all over. That got me thinking, how come Wolverine's mind got sent back and not his body if Charles' body can interact with young him. Is that encounter served as some sort of hallucination or dream sequence in the film?
Moving on, the trailer really knows how to tease, to the fact that it's going on the 'Man of Steel' marketing technique. Starting off with the setting of the film's tone, and saving all of its money shots before the release date. And the cinematography, the look of the trailer was enthralling. One specific shot, in which an "X" is reflected over Charles' face looked amazing, and our first look of Bishop and Bolivar Trask was exciting. Peter Dinklage will kill it as the antagonist.

So i'm capping off, I do hope the upcoming trailers don't show a bit much. I pumped to see this, May can't come closer.
“X-Men: Days of Future Past” will open nationwide in the Philippines on May 22, 2014 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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