American Hustle (Film Review)

Feb 8, 2014
american hustle movie review

One great thing about 'American Hustle' is it pokes around Hollywood. The most unusual and honest message at the beginning: "Some of this actually happened." tells us what the movie'll be like. It's not going to be too serious, but it will be fun. David O. Russell became one of our generation's best filmmakers, and 'American Hustle' proved just that.

Professional con artists Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser are ahead of their game. Not until they are caught by FBI agent Richard DiMaso, and forced them on a sting operation to catch corrupt politicians in exchange of their immunity. But things didn't go as planned, when Irving found a real friend with DiMaso's target: Mayor Carmine Polito, and the con game became more and more dangerous.

The plot of 'American Hustle' can be a sleazy time at the movies , but Russell decided to take the story on a whole new level. He made the film mostly comedy, as supposed to the original heavy drama script "American Bullsh*t" (it's original title) it was based on. And it wasn't a bad thing at all, because everything in this movie succeeded and shadowed by the amazing performances by its actors. This is character study at best, with the actors doing their own thing beautifully.

You will suddenly see that the actors know what's best for their characters, like I said earlier: doing their own thing. David O. Russell collaborate again with his past actors from his past movies: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper all in to one. In addition to this great set of cast is Jeremy Renner, which is surprisingly amazing and delivered a heartfelt performance. The best scene in this movie is where all of these actors clashed into one, they all deliver the best performance they could and it was downright awesome.

american hustle movie review

The comedy aspect of this movie was done brilliantly. A memorable scene in the movie: with Jennifer Lawrence dancing/ cleaning/ lip-syncing through Wing's "Live and Let Die". It can be trimmed down for the movie, but it's hilarious for what it is. If I didn't know this was nominated for Best Comedy at the Golden Globes, I will be shocked.

There is also a big Scorsese influence through this movie that is too obvious. And Russell clearly tried to make his best love letter to Scorsese by this movie. I mean, you got the great soundtrack, the quick cuts, and without spoiling anything: a cameo from a frequent Scorsese collaborator.

'American Hustle' was phenomenal. It is something that stays with you and a film that will be remembered for years to come. Everything about it feels lively, and neither a single dull moment was there. Hilariously written and perfectly acted by its amazing cast, the movie reminds us no matter what circumstances can we have, we can still find a way to "hustle" towards a better life.

The geek rates it a 10/10.

'American Hustle' is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Locally distributed by Multivision Pictures Philippines. 

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american hustle movie review


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