Rio 2 (Film Review)

Apr 6, 2014
'Rio 2' is one of the great examples of how an animated sequel should be, which is rarely made. Retaining the vibrant look of the visuals and musical numbers, while adding effective humor and new characters in between. Okay, I was a bit skeptical of how this movie'll turn out. Sequels from animated movies these days often come pretty bad and lame, but Blue Sky Studios sure learned their lessons with their recent Ice Age movies.The film slightly got to the lame-sequel direction with its final half, but all-in: this is pack of joy and delight. Kids will definitely enjoy this, big time.

After learning of the discovery of their kind, Blu, Jewel, and their three kids fly on their journey to the wild side: the Amazon. Adapting to the habitat of their kind, Blu faces his greatest adversary: his father-in-law Eduardo. While his previous foe Nigel, and his newfound allies Gabi prepares for vengeance over him.
There's a lot of things I really did enjoy with this movie. First, the humor. Though some of the jokes were recycled from other movies, it still manages to bring fresh ones in which i'm really surprised seeing. There was a scene in the film (i'm not gonna spoil everything) involving an audition that hurt my jaws for a second from laughing. The villain Nigel (voiced by the funny Jermaine Clement) steals every scene he's at. Bruno Mars also voiced a character here. His alright, reminded me of the skits he'd done at 'Saturday Night Live' (if you still remember that).

Returning actors like Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway to name a few, did a fabulous job again with their voice acting. Unsurprisingly, the visuals still looked gorgeous to look at. The scenery and use of animation is really a big factor for me. 3D is never a requirement, but it really added to the experience.

Though the fun was slightly ruined with its rushed save-the-Earth lesson, 'Rio 2' still provided a pretty good kick. Hilarious and simply entertaining, this is something you should not miss!

'Rio 2' opens April 9 from 20th Century Fox!!

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