Maleficent (Film Review)

May 28, 2014
It has been clearly known how messed up Disney has been dealing with it's live action incarnation of classic stories. 'Oz, The Great and Powerful', 'Alice in wonderland', do you even remember how bad are these? 'John Carter', anyone?? So, Disney definitely has to put these films on hold to shame, because now there doing another one, a live-action re-imagining of 'Sleeping Beauty' --with a little of twitches here and there. In fact, this film is coming off the perspective of Disney's iconic villain 'Maleficent'. Because princesses are beyond boring.

The film begins with Maleficent on her youth in the land of Moor where she resides. Known to be the most powerful fairy in the kingdom, she sees to develop a friendship, -- and love to a trespasser named Stefan. But betrayal and hunger for power will devour through Stefan --which will eventually be King Stefan, that will turn Maleficent's heart to stone.
I said it before and i'll say it again, Angelina Jolie is a great actress. Befitting the character of Maleficent on live-action is dangerous, but Jolie does it flawlessly. A scene in the film re-do the infamous Princess Aurora proclamation from the cartoon version. It was done with such care, and shows Jolie on full-rage and honestly, very terrifying. In fact, unfortunately, she is the only character you actually care in this movie.
Elle Fanning is bland as Princess Aurora. Sharlto Copley, who is a terrific actor, was okay, despite having a hard time perfecting an accent he needed. The three fairies from the 1959 cartoon are also back, and I was expecting a lot through them since they are arguably the best part of the cartoon, --very annoying. And the CGI work on their character's faces, f---ing ugly.

Oh and lastly, Prince Phillip. Playing a significant part of the Sleeping Beauty story, the Prince might be the same in this film. On an honest note, they literally threw this character for nothing. Jeez, he only got 4-5 lines in this movie if i'm not mistaken.

Don't get me wrong, I like the film. It's a good movie, but not come as close to Disney's Frozen. The visuals, as I always say are amazing. A good VFX is good, but not too much. There were scenes where I come literally come to the point where i'm looking at these actors on sets. It felt like a stage play with few glitches in between.

Despite the character issues and plot holes, 'Maleficent' is a visual treat and a captivating experience thanks to Angelina Jolie's fantastic performance.

The geek rates it 6/10.

'Maleficent' is rated G by the MTRCB and locally distributed by Walt Disney Pictures Philippines.
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