22 Jump Street (Film Review)

Jun 21, 2014
Rebooting a decent show like '21 Jump Street' is not what everyone would need. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller not only embraces the fact of cops on undercover as high school students, but plays along with it saying how silly the premise is. The brilliance behind the film is that it makes fun of itself, something that is unexpected before the movie is released. The sequel, '22 Jump Street' follows the same formula: We know it, but that's where the movie hold its strengths.

After High School, our heroes Schmidt and Jenko are now sent to College, after a local student died overdose of a drug centering the institution known as 'WHYPHY' (Yes, it's pronounced exactly like wi-fi.). Together, they must infiltrate the dealer, find the drug supplier. But, friendship will be tested, as Jenko found a kindred spirit to a football team.

The movie is very self-referential of itself being a sequel. There were countless moments wherein a character speaks of "doing the exact same thing all over again" --a nod to why most sequels sucks bad. However, there will be a few moments where it'll bug you when you realized this is exactly the same movie as '21 Jump Street'. Scene-by-scene, you could compare these two films with a few differences. But, by the time when you reached the end credits, one will realize it is all part of the movie's biggest joke.
That end credits sequence was beyond brilliant, hilarious, and answers the future of this franchise in a funny way (Seriously, I really want to see that '2121 Jump Street'.). But the best thing about this movie is the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Channing Tatum, once again delivers a killing performance with his comedic chops. Jonah Hill, who is always funny, did a great job as well (expected from being nominated twice on the Oscars).

In one of the film's most hysterical moments, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum undergoes a shrink to think of ways getting their friendship back. Ice Cube brought non-stop fun as Captain Dickson, even to the most awkward Parent's Day ever put on film. The action scenes were slightly better than the first movie, even though that final act was slightly overlong as it needed to be, still I enjoyed a lot of it.

Though the jokes felt flat sometimes, there's a social commentary within Hollywood and unwanted sequels present in this movie. Funny, entertaining, and hilariously unoriginal, '22 Jump Street' succeeds as a sequel and Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller sets another hit within their belts.

The geek rates it 9/10. Is it weird this movie received the same rating I gave 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'? Fun movie it was afterall!

'22 Jump Street' is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide locally distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines.
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