Noah (Film Review)

Jun 18, 2014
Darren Aronofsky's play on the biblical story "Noah" might not be as great as everyone thought it was gonna be, but it's his most ambitious pic yet. Allow me to say this, this will not please everyone: As I sat through the film (I really wish it could've been shorter.), I surely expected alterations from the story going on to the film but there's something more than that, that will surely bug a lot (specifically religious groups,etc.). The standing conflict between Noah and his family sorta' took me out of the film. Just saying.

We already knew the story, don't we: A man tasked to build an ark to save mankind from being drowned over flood. The film really stood out when the actual plot ticks in. However, there's another hour of family conflict you have to sit through. Don't get me wrong, how Aronofsky builds the tension to this problem is really impressive, yet somehow it felt bloated.
The visuals sure looked stunning. The film featured a Creation sequence which I found breathtaking. It's probably the greatest thing about the movie in my opinion. Fallen angels, called as 'Watchers' in the film were uninteresting and unnecessary.

The performances are also pretty good. Russell Crowe did a really good spin on the character, it's really fascinating seeing him evolve throughout the movie. Emma Watson was completely surprising, this might be her most 'daring' performance yet (Hermione surely knows how to sort out her priorities.). Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins, delivered pretty well.

Like I said earlier, this is Noah like you've never seen before. This is Aronofsky's 'Noah', where characters were played brilliantly, and the events revolving around it felt bloated and...messy.

The geek rates it a 6.5/10. It's a film that's worth a watch, well maybe except during Bible talk.

'Noah' is still showing in Philippine cinemas. Locally distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures Philippines.
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